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Henry Holmes Croft
Professor of chemistry at King's College and the University of Toronto, 1843-1880.

Announcement of lectures by George Buckland  (1805-1885)  to the Cranbrook Agricultural Association, 1846.
Buckland was appointed to the chair of agriculture at the University of Toronto in 1852.

John Langton
Chairman of the Building Committee for University College

Frederic William Cumberland
Frederic William Cumberland was appointed architect of University College on 7 February 1856.

Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson was Professor of History and English Literature.

University College building contracts, 1856
First page of the indenture of the building contract, including specifications for the construction of the foundations.

University College under construction
Image shows the completed Chemistry Laboratory (then being used as the architects’ office), with the west end of the south wing being roofed. The photographers were Armstrong, Beere & Hime.

Report of the Commissioners, 1862
Commission report into the financial affairs of the University. This copy belonged to President Sir Daniel Wilson.

Quadrangle of University College under construction
This view of the south side of the quadrangle, taken in the summer of 1858, show the rafters to the museum partially in place.

South front, University College under construction
South front, University College under construction. Image shows the front side of the south wing east of the central tower in the summer of 1858.

Items from the University of Toronto Rifle Association including score cards and spectacles.
These items belonged to Lash Miller who served as honorary vice-president of the UTRA from 1907 to 1910.
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