Copyright Statement

The University of Toronto Libraries has made every effort to ensure that we have permission or the right (through specific user’s rights available in the Copyright Act) to make copyright-protected content available through our digital exhibitions.

These materials are made available for personal or educational purposes (which includes research, private study, education, parody, satire, criticism, review or news reporting). It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission from the rightsholder for the further reproduction of content made available in Exhibits UofT.

If you are the rightsholder of material featured in our digital collections and believe that our inclusion of these materials violates your rights (e.g. inclusion is not covered by Fair Dealing or another exception in the Copyright Act) please contact us at and we will investigate this item. Please include a link to the material in question, along with information about the nature and reason for your request.

What about Copyright?

By submitting materials to Exhibits UofT, you are granting the University of Toronto the non-exclusive license to reproduce, distribute, and migrate the submitted work to new formats where necessary and feasible.

Copyright is never transferred to Exhibits UofT. Rather, by granting the non-exclusive license, copyright holders permit the University to distribute their work.

You agree that UofT may keep more than one copy of this submission for purposes of security, back-up and preservation.

You represent that your submission does not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe upon anyone's copyright.

If the submission contains material for which you do not hold copyright, you represent that you have obtained the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner to grant University of Toronto the rights required by this license, and that such third-party owned material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text or content of the submission.

If you have any questions about Fair Dealing, Copyright, or digital rights, please contact us.

How do I make sure what I am uploading is copyright compliant?

You are responsible for ensuring that your uploading, use and sharing of content via Exhibits UofT complies with Canadian copyright law.

In order to ensure such compliance, please adhere to the following:

Submit content to Exhibits UofT for which you are the copyright owner


If you are not the copyright owner:

Obtain a license or other permission that covers your intended use of the content; or

Confirm the content is openly licensed (such as a Creative Commons license); or

Ensure the content is in the public domain (either it is no longer protected or it is explicitly marked); or

Ensure that your proposed use of the content constitutes fair dealing under the Canadian Copyright Act (see University of Toronto Copyright Resources for more information about fair dealing).

Click here for access to the University of Toronto’s Copyright Resources. Contact for further guidance.