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Skule Nite


Skule Nite


Skule Nite


Materials collected about Skule Nite, an annual music and comedy show held by U of T Engineering

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Skule Nite 1960
News spread for Skule Nite in Toike Oike

Skule Nite 1966 Advertisement
Advertisement for Skule Nite 6T6

Program with cast/crew credits and song lyrics for Skule Nite in 2012

Skule Nite Advertisement 1937
Advertisement in Toike Oike for Skule Nite 1937

Page from Toike Oike with an article about the history of Skule Nite

Skule is an Animal Show - The Opening
Left to Right:
Standing - Jan(big bird) Piekoszewski, Rick Fishell, Nancy Robson, Mark (the Beaver) Ewan, Glen Wilkins, Mary-Alice Glaves, Paul Baker, Kim Dix, Peter Nelson
Kneeling - Lori Levere, Carol Podolak, Mike Wilkins, Jane Quibell, Anne…

The Three Muskateers - We Make Our Move at Sundown
Left to Right
Paul Baker, Rob West, Mike Wilkins
(Background) - Mark Ewan (the Beaver), Rick Fishell

Skule Nite 1964
Photos of the stage from Skule Nite 1964

Recording of Godiva's Hymn from Skule Nite 2010

Skule Nite program from 1930s
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