Criminology Conferences and Special Projects


Criminology Conferences and Special Projects

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"Doors To Be Closed At Sessions on Crime", The Globe & Mail.
Newspaper Clipping covers the upcoming crime prevention conference, the first of its kind to assemble both provincial and federal government officials, members of the judiciary, legal profession and law enforcement representatives for this national…

"Behind Closed Doors", The Globe and Mail.
Newspaper clipping is one of the coverages against the closed and tight-security environment for the upcoming "National Conference on the Prevention of Crime". The article discusses the right to know what is discussed at these conferences, especially…

"Press barred at crime prevention meet", The Globe and Mail.
Clipping includes a photograph of conference attendees. The conference was open to the press for the first fifteen minutes of the first session where they were then asked to leave. Clipping also includes several quotes from Professor Edwards.

"Criminology centre loses grants for refusing to do secret work", The Toronto Star.
Newspaper clipping provides a description of the Centre of Criminology's refusal to do secret research for the Ontario government as it directly goes against the University's policy on publishing research results. As a result of this refusal, the…

"Reply to Queen's Park complaint: UofT centre won't take grants for secret reports", newspaper article.
Newspaper clipping provides an account of Professor Edward's refusal to accept the grants from the provincial government who requested that secret report findings be kept hidden from the public. The coverage lists the ongoing dispute with Provincial…

"Criminology official states position on independence, research funds", The Globe and Mail.
Newspaper clipping producing a copy of Professor Edwards's written letters to the editor of the Globe and Mail, regarding the statements made about the situation between the Centre of Criminology and the provincial government grants / research…

"Grants for UofT Centre of Criminology are in jeopardy unless control accepted", The Globe and Mail.
Coverage on the issue of Centre for Criminology funding from provincial government. Here the coverage notes that the Centre will lose its grants unless it agrees to let the Government control its research projects.

"Grant to Aid Criminology Research at U. of T.", a press release from the Department of the Solicitor General.
This press release from the Department of the Solicitor General with a statement from the Solicitor General, the Honorable Warren Allmand who announced a grant of $50,000 to support the Centre's research activities. Statements from Allmand hint at…

National Conference on the Prevention of Crime
Binder containing papers from the National Conference on the Prevention of Crime convened by the Centre of Criminology, University of Toronto. Includes papers on the pattern of crime in Canada, power given to the police, criminal trial and a…

Caricature of Peel Police
Watercolor caricature presented to Professor Tony Doob following the years-long study of the Peel Region Police. Illustrated figures include former Peel Police Chief Douglas Burrows, Joseph Terdick, and former Peel Police Chief William Teggart.

Contract for Richard Ericson's Research Programme with the Board of Commissioners
This contract includes typed annotations from Professor Anthony Doob whom, as Director at the time of Ericson's research publication, was advised to keep an extensive copy of all correspondence and written contracts kept between the Centre for…
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