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Name Records contributed
[Toronto University Engineering Society]1
Victoria University Library, Samuel Taylor Coleridge collection, AY13 .C3 1835.1
University of Toronto Archives1
UTSC Archives Legacy Collection1
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. MS. COLL. 76 (Banting), Box 62, Folder 271
Victoria University Archives.2
University of Toronto Archives23
A. K. Goodman Source:
Agnes Varda1
Albert Einstein1
Albrecht Dürer, Hans Baldung, H. L. Schäufelein, Hans Süss [i.e. von Kulmbach], Wolf Traut1
Alexander Bain1
Alfred Caldwell1
Alfred North Whitehead1
Andrii Zhuk, editor1
Angela Fernandez, Alexia Loumankis1
Annie Besant1
BAnQ Vieux-Montreal1
Barney Williams Jr. 1
Baruch Spinoza1
Based on novels by Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881, and ed. by Karpiński, Maciej, 1950-1
Bertolt Brecht1
Bertrand Russell1
Bill Jones1
Brendan Edwards, Department Head (Library & Archives, Royal Ontario Museum)1
Brock West1
Canadian Parliament1
Catherine Pawson1
Charles Darwin1
Chester Brown Hamilton1
Cinematography, L.H. Burel; editor, Raymond Lamy; music, J.B. Lulli; writer and director, Robert Bresson; producer, Agnes Delahaye.1
Clement Greenberg1
Colin Stewart1
Collection "Newspapers from the Russian Revolutionary Era," Woodbridge, CT: Research Publications, 1983. Media Commons, John P. Robarts Research Library 4
Cornell University Library1
Courtesy of Hugh Furneaux1
Dr. Theresa Miedema1
Ed by Benedito Nunes1
Ed. by A. Vustin 1
Ed. by G. V. Priakhin1
Ed. by Ku Sang1
Ed. by Russ Kick1
Ed. Dr. Theresa E. Miedema3
Ed. Dr. Theresa Miedema2
Edited and Translated by Edward Wasiolek1
Edited by D. S. Likhachev1
edited by Dr. Theresa Miedema1
Edited by Gerda Breuer1
Edited by Lacas, Martine, 1964-1
Editor, Nigel Nicolson, assistant editor, Joanne Trautmann.1
Erin Wabisca, Practicum Student, Spring 2017 (School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta)1
First Story TO1
From Government of Ontario, "Ontario First Nations Maps" web page, online:
Many sources are used to ensure the map’s accuracy, including:

-The Canada Lands – Ontario First Nations Lands and National Parks map (published by Natural Resources Canada)

-First Nation Profiles (published by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada)

-Historical Treaties of Canada map (published by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada)

Information is also cross-checked against other sources such as:
-interactive First Nations maps
-First Nations political organization websites -community websites
From the novel by Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-1881.1
Gerstein Library1
Gilles Hardouyn1
Google News Archives1
Guest(s): Frank Roncarelli Host: Fred Davis Panellist: Pierre Berton, Betty Kennedy, Gordon Sinclair, Doris Clark1
Guest(s): Jules Bélanger, Clarence Campbell, Maurice Richard, Red Storey Host: Wendy Mesley Reporter: Michel Godbout1
Guest(s): Walter Bossey, Mrs. Monteur Host: Bruce Rogers1
Guests: Charles Kadota, Sisko Miki, Masui Tagashira, Tony Tamayose Host: Peter Mansbridge Reporters: Wendy Mesley, Karen Webb1
Guests: Gerry Weiner, Amy Yamasaki, Shirley Yamata, George Ymai Host: Barbara Budd, Russ Germain Reporter: Rick MacInnes-Rae, Jeannette Matthey1
Hannah Lazare ed. Dr. Theresa Miedema1
Hermonie Xie1
Host: Pamela Wallin Reporter: Patricia Chew Guests: Shayma Imam, Emilie Ouimet, Jean Paré, Dania Baali, Yassar Bali, Neil Bissoondath, Sheema Kahn, Laila Bensalin, Amina Fedir1
J. Cooper1
James Armytage1
Jim Wyse2
Joe Gilling1
John Dirks, Courtney Lundrigan1
Jules Michelet1
Julia King2
Julius Grey, "The Charter: Its Achievements and Its Detractors" Library and Archives Canada, online:
Karen Suurtamm1
Keating Johnston5
Kyle Carsten Wyatt, "Books: Trouble on Turtle Island: The ongoing colonization of Aboriginal peoples", (Nov. 19, 2014) online:
Lobna Mahdi and Yuan Gao1
M. Szewczyk1
Madeleine Basile1
manuel lusitanio1
Maurice Lamontagne2
Maurice Richard and Clarence Campbell 1
Max Frisch1
Mindy Thuna Glyneva Bradley-Ridout1
Music by Janusz Hajdun1
Music: A Tribe Called Red - PBC (Feat. Sheldon Sundon) from the album "Nation II Nation" 1
Petro Budz, editor1
Philippe Pigouchet1
Photo: R. Kelly Clipperton1
Photographs received from Wakayama Group Vancouver.1
Produced by Francisco José Lombardi and Gustavo Sánchez1
Produced by Robert Greenhut1
Producers: Kristin Nelson, Ines Colabrese and Samira Mohyeddin.1
R. West1
Rashana Youtzy and Liam P. Bryant1
Rashana Youtzy and Liam P. Bryant.1
Report was compiled using data obtained from Statistics Canada, 1971-2001 Canada Census and 2011 National Household Survey1
Reporter: Norman DePoe1
Richard Alway2
Richard de Bury, Michael of Mentmore, Jean Pucelle1
Sarah Marton1
Series title: La Petite illustration. Théâtre [nouv. sér.] no. 3311
Stanley Fukawa, Sociologist Keiko Mary Kitagawa, Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association - Human Rights Committee Tosh Kitagawa, Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Associatlon - Human Rights Committee Funding provided by a Networks Grant provided by the Ministry of Education1
Statistics Canada, 1971-2001 Canada Census and 2011 National Household Survey1
The Library of Congress1
Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library3
Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library3
Tony Hunter11
Translated by Břetislav Hůla (1894-1964),1
Translated by Constance Garnett, illustrated by Benjamin Kopman 1
Translated by Derély, Victor, 1840-19041
Translated by Juho August Hollo (1885-1967)1
Translated by Mykhailo Podolyns’kyi (1844-1894)1
Translated by Oliver Ready1
Translated by Paulo Bezerra 1
Translated by Pedro Pedraza y Paez1
Trinity College Archives3
Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada1
Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, online:
United States1
University of Alberta Libraries3
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign2
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Alternates1
University of Toronto1
University of Toronto Archives132
University of Toronto Archives & Records Management Services3
University of Toronto Libraries.1
Vera, Rody, screenwriter.1
Veronica Palacios, Practicum Student, Fall 2017 (Faculty of Information, University of Toronto)1
Victoria University Archives. 1
Voice over: Wanda Nanibush1
Wally Jackson, Reporter Special guests: Ben Bianchi, Art Miki1