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Witness to Persecution: Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Quebec Canada


Witness to Persecution: Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Quebec Canada


Canada, history, Quebec, religion, Duplessis, Jehovah's Witnesses


This three part documentary explores the persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Quebec under Premier Duplessis.


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Part 1:
0:03in the mid-1940s members of a tiny
0:14religious sect are campaigning
0:16door-to-door for converts in Quebec the
0:18most Catholic province in canada
0:23the missionaries will be denounced
0:25beaten by mobs in jail by the hundreds
0:32they zealously spread the word of god
0:34they make enemies of the man whose word
0:36is law in Quebec
0:43this religious war to destroy one man's
0:49revoke century from the highest court in
0:51the land and we'll define every
0:54Canadians right to religious freedom and
0:56free speech citizen apart a Catholic a
1:01revolutionary potentially protest
1:03actually Connecticut texas in my pocket
1:05and again shows that the rate we're in
1:08general is zero that's tradition
1:10suggests holidays and this a second the
1:11same thing about 64 vehicle grounds to
1:15simply contact the world to me a vagina
1:17paula is a popular
1:20in a province where eighty-five percent
1:22of the population is Catholic the
1:24church's guided public policy on health
1:27education social and moral issues but it
1:30is now slowly losing power to the
1:33provincial government under
1:34newly-elected quebec premier Maurice to
1:37play see
1:38complicity and he's right master that's
1:41why my mascus it in Seattle but that me
1:45a collectivistic this pass any part
1:48don't you poor pathetic me back at the
1:51Panda to walk into the valley religious
1:56Maurice Duplessis declares he heads the
1:58only Catholic government in north
2:02religious minorities except the balance
2:04of power in Quebec and stay within their
2:06own institutions and houses of worship
2:09all except one group that has only 450
2:13members in the province the witnesses of
2:17they will challenge the way to Plessy
2:19runs the province they prepare a crusade
2:22in quebec in the spring of nineteen
2:24forty-five the module down this
2:27different companion of psychic and
2:29psycho key back not always have a pretty
2:32adept in Sector keep Lee sauna please
2:35the montage on Western Canada needed
2:38when your beauty school the auditors you
2:40need we get to tell not having you
2:42effective my monkey back you set
2:45accounts automatically Skelly
2:49jehovah's witnesses say the one true God
2:52Jehovah is one spiritual body that
2:54Satan's influence the Catholic concept
2:57of the Holy Trinity
3:00the witnesses believe only their
3:02interpretation of the Bible leads to
3:08like the early apostles they go to where
3:10people live to spread their word no
3:14means only thoughts here phone is on the
3:17formless Anastacia you've all found
3:20massage may pick up to people use well
3:22as president Zhang canada series finale
3:27and katie and you don't have already
3:29means it only means keeping the leaders
3:31cancer pain
3:36you would have a territory and you
3:39wouldn't you would work just the streets
3:41on that territory and somebody else
3:43would have another territory and they
3:44were they would work that street and we
3:48would go to the door and we would say
3:53bonjour madame torogai alcala baci are
3:56like Layton when the Shova ebook a two
3:59mounts or Madeline solitude in some ways
4:0211-minute John house frequent partner is
4:08laurier some you provide the Mizar mizan
4:12step or look easy paths in LA she sent
4:16there is air for massage can be done on
4:20each is Ella couple kitchen
4:24biblically Pascal apart the Rockaway
4:27conivent bibler special girl
4:32to most people jehovah's witnesses or
4:41the Catholic Church they are nemesis to
4:45be eradicated
4:48from their pulpits priests denounced
4:51them as heretics they are Sean Michael
4:53Beck society or sit there i put the
4:58piece in the new Tsar Frankie come the
5:01bed the some step Ramadi sill nuclear
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5:11particle is a bit of pepper the control
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5:22jump and then we play to play 30
5:26available water can in a vacant food
5:29gets on the bed or on a bell hacer caso
5:35new pin my men near plan our list to
5:39mark the harassment extends into
5:44classrooms to raise Boucher is just
5:47learning what it means to be a Jehovah's
5:49Witness into Plessis come back she'd
5:53have a physical busker little fella sent
5:56away 60-knot massage don't want to loose
6:00go on at the tourney play offers others
6:07jehovah's witnesses are undeterred they
6:10step up their campaign distribute
6:12pamphlets conduct more meetings and
6:15begin preaching over loudspeakers formal
6:19complaints began reaching quebec
6:21Saturnia general who also happens to be
6:23premier Maurice to Plessy it underneath
6:27family's dignity party without an LG ke
6:30bare response out don't belong probably
6:32not something you really were that the
6:36seller birds one date ever need
6:38I think that me and population problem
6:41and should the patient can make the
6:43amount of ddr3 don't get addicted but
6:45this don't prepare that's only got okay
6:47w permit friend and it was actually do
6:50with the morning and happy the activity
6:53in 10 of them to Plessy declares
6:56Jehovah's Witnesses enemies of Quebec
6:59society saying their agents of communism
7:04economists young life from now a little
7:07sleeker wire transfer thought suddenly
7:11coming mr. Stalin's a pickup in this
7:14course we had nothing to do with prime
7:17minister but that didn't stop the Plessy
7:19he made his words into the plushie meant
7:22whatever you want them to me
7:25IC threatens Jehovah's Witnesses with a
7:28law originally meant to curb communism
7:31the padlock law authorizes the state to
7:35raid and lock up any building used by
7:37enemies of the state
7:39anybody that disagreed with the plus you
7:43on anything was automatically labeled a
7:45communist so they threatened on a number
7:50of occasions to use the padlock law to
7:53close up any horse that you always
7:56witnesses were using but they never
7:59actually padlocked any of them on hard
8:01times to Plessy also orders police to
8:05monitor witness activity closely offices
8:09throughout quebec now arrest jehovah's
8:11witnesses for my law infractions
8:13disturbing the peace soliciting and
8:16circulating pamphlets
8:17department John how is arrested 13 times
8:22during the campaign we used to go in an
8:26East montreal you know you got sometimes
8:28three flights of stairs to an apartment
8:30and that we would look down without
8:33police car we try to engage the lady in
8:36a and conversation needs to stay in
8:38there as long as we could tell they went
8:40away then we can about Glenn how john's
8:45brother is a young lawyer involved in
8:47the cause my brother was involved in and
8:51I was consumed of course what I was also
8:54concerned about many of the other young
8:56folks that i knew at the time who were
8:59being abused young women held and
9:02present prostitutes and so on it was a
9:05it was a rough time
9:09mere news amnio past the police a lot of
9:15news and happenings and then our
9:18champagne about their after an arrest
9:24some you were and others turn to fellow
9:27Jehovah's Witness frank welker le to
9:29post bail
9:30Frank want anything that their star
9:32thermally if the people passed by
9:35tourists are under compression haven't I
9:38jealous easy
9:39appear normal as any don't get a video
9:42of need spaniel puppy Dakota nicosia
9:45multi-manager Overton Park Ave again my
9:48business that is your because I start
9:50workin easy needs to be shown up yonder
9:53to my java my father was a prosperous
9:58gentleman he owned apartment buildings
10:00his mother inherited the restaurant from
10:03his mother and he got to the restaurant
10:05business from his engineering profession
10:07but he had a prospect lifestyle he owned
10:09property frank with a very intelligent
10:11man and he was very spiritual
10:15believe it or not for a man of his
10:18caliber and his economic position he was
10:23very very spiritual he believed what he
10:26was doing was right this was his
10:28religious belief what he was doing was
10:30right and he believed that was it and
10:32what he you know and you have freedom in
10:35this country under the British North
10:36America Act the separation of church and
10:38state i can practice I'm not hurting
10:42Reese to plessis heavy-handedness evokes
10:45painful memories for Frank wrong Corelli
10:48back in Italy he had fled the political
10:51strong-arm tactics of dictator Benito
10:56but in Quebec wrong Corelli decides to
10:59fight he keeps posting bail as Jehovah's
11:02Witness arrests pile up this is what God
11:08willing and he would say this is what
11:11java directs this is what i'll do that
11:17was its attitude
11:19Frank arelys defiance has made him a
11:22high-profile target
11:24the depressing government is about to
11:27make him
11:31sep tember seven smiting 45 shuttle gay
11:35a small community south of montreal
11:38becomes a battleground in the conflict
11:40between the two Plessy government and
11:42Jehovah's Witnesses a model of a
11:45thousand people converge are Jehovah's
11:48Witness meeting and start throwing rocks
11:50and tomatoes
11:54in the clear green organization which is
11:56can't prove you need to map dollar the
12:00second you're really later on his own i
12:05will you need to mat-su new LCD TV new
12:10or a Avant romana prelab for finally
12:14million is like you're sorta sorta my
12:17also disappeared or he is on flappy an
12:22argument then I could plant and yell at
12:26the mark gangs up monster muir he is
12:29badly beaten and spent several days
12:33miss Kate available pontiac money and
12:37your DS run please your son community
12:41Martha teyla shmuli whose PS Move Lee is
12:48on is on 250 a week later fifteen
12:53hundred protesters show up at the
12:55Jehovah's Witnesses next meeting and
12:57shuttle gay I just remember the mom and
13:02the words a few of us there Franklin
13:04pirelli was there i was sent back to the
13:07car waiting for my father and my brother
13:11and father were there and the mob for
13:13led by the trees to note police
13:15provincial policeman is the picture
13:17shows it could have turned into
13:19something that could have been menacing
13:21because maybe the police would have
13:23stepped at that point at that point they
13:25were not really doing they were walking
13:27in front of the crowd they weren't
13:28holding it back
13:30my brother was hit in the face in the
13:32eye with the tomato and luckily some
13:34person road through the crowd and my
13:36father and brother jumped on the running
13:38board they had on those car in that car
13:40and the car drove over to our car wasn't
13:42got in the car drove away
13:43police respond to the shuttle gay riots
13:46by throwing more jehovah's witnesses in
13:50each court appearance is fraught with
13:54a case of Jehovah's Witnesses you see
13:57everybody scared and worried and the
14:00police were there they have a mob of
14:03placement but we're going to drop bond
14:06or something but this is what they've
14:09been told Frank wrong Corelli is kept
14:13busy posting bail at the Montreal
14:15courthouse 390 times between 1945 and
14:201946 you see the police were fed up with
14:24these all these arrests and cases that
14:28you hold his witnesses that they knew
14:30that we weren't hurting anybody and that
14:32there was no reason for it and so they
14:36got tired of processing all these cases
14:39they used to phone them up and say Frank
14:43the jails are full come down and bail
14:45them out he'd go down inside was all
14:46property bail no money changed hands
14:48city authorities strike a deal with
14:52wrong Corelli to speed up the process
0:04courthouse and they give my blanks pad
0:07of these things and each sport signature
0:09on all and then whenever wanted you
0:12always witnesses came images tear it off
0:14and write the person's name on it they
0:16could go up the street some Jehovah's
0:20Witnesses are often re-arrested the same
0:22de Leon's plant is one of the many
0:26judges who is tired at the parade
0:28one time he was annoyed 10 is where this
0:36is one in front of nieces why you're a
0:38bunch of crazy nuts
0:40this was the language that he used off
0:42the bench and so this got a lot of press
0:48across the country to
0:53Celia VES mala por la de risa cause part
0:59out a la of Allah and for men to public
1:04/ let 0 run that I am NOT that sunday
1:11that lacks your life asanka leaves usual
1:14route right there laughing softly
1:16probably seeing you tonight they're a
1:19four-page pamphlet entitled laying our
1:22don't do quebec or effects burning hate
1:25hits the streets in early November 1946
1:28the force behind quebec suicidal hate
1:33his priest domination thousands of
1:36Quebec Catholics are so blinded by the
1:38priests that they serve God's cause in
1:40mobbing Jehovah's Witnesses lee-char
1:44become a popular article and no survey
1:47passkey spot say hello alone are on a
1:52distribution so partially love don't be
1:54there for me neva said that he said
1:58about that many park hold real because
2:01we don't call call contradict level is
2:04your job and the park see that lets make
2:08it is right next to be our lucky day
2:13there's also he continually blessed and
2:15that's on that while the facing of the
2:17video today is imagine is that sin job
2:21done it already with that other now
2:24barely sleep anymore and apart
2:28the watchtower society the Jehovah's
2:30Witness headquarters near Toronto and
2:33some million copies in English a million
2:35in French sparks an explosive reaction
2:40from Plessy he declares a war without
2:43mercy against jehovah's witnesses
2:46because this pamphlet is seditious I've
2:50instructed the assistant attorney
2:52general to employ every means necessary
2:54to find the guilty parties and put an
2:57end to their unbearable actions across
3:02quebec police seize and destroy
3:04thousands of burning hate pamphlets they
3:07find a shipment in a housing sherbrooke
3:09owned by Frank Walker le zero in on the
3:13man they believe is a ringleader
3:14authorities hatch a plan to punish wrong
3:18Corelli to strike where he's most
3:20vulnerable his restaurant liquor license
3:24quebec Liquor Commission manager and
3:27while Shambo consults his boss Maurice
3:30to Plessy action but we are done ed
3:35envelope will need the Masonic dressed
3:38on Kennedy but I biologically secant
3:41cosecant really sticks it in when you do
3:43seem weaker than the other troubled life
3:46on December fourth 1946 liquor
3:50inspectors show up but wrong Corelli's
3:52restaurant they canceled his license and
3:55cart away almost three thousand dollars
3:57were the wine beer and spirits it wasn't
4:02he was always upset because they
4:05confiscated several thousand dollars
4:07worth of liquor and he was supposed to
4:09get paid back for he never got them i
4:11remember that always saying that really
4:12bugs as they take it all this good why
4:14need important everything else and they
4:16never never remunerated for which they
4:18were supposed to do Plessy says wrong
4:21Corelli is reaping the consequences of
4:24his own actions
4:26the Communists the Nazis as well as
4:29those who are the propagandists for the
4:31witnesses of Jehovah have been treated
4:33as they deserved
4:36the restaurant isn't wrong Corelli's
4:38only business venture of the raid
4:40triggers of financial freefall
4:44the major international mortgage
4:46companies cancelled their mortgage they
4:48were through their money friends had
4:50gone to school with President of
4:51corporations because we went to Lord
4:52county college and McGill before i went
4:54back to Italy they were afraid they gave
4:57him support Frank where behind you where
4:59all behind you just don't stop and talk
5:01to me on the street where people can see
5:02me and it was that kind of atmosphere
5:05that duplessis he had had added gender
5:09you know because of his power
5:11blessy thinks he's delivered a mortal
5:15but roncar le will give the premiere of
5:17the fight of his life
5:21the war without mercy escalates through
5:26december of 1946 it causes outrage in
5:29the English press across Canada
5:32The Globe and Mail December nineteenth
5:34nineteen forty-six this is a monstrous
5:38outrage on civil liberties the
5:40Inquisition put heretics to death
5:43welcome back only puts them in jail
5:48no place is safe for witnesses in Quebec
5:53in the heart of the most region one
5:55family is about to feel depresses wrath
5:58Amy boucher was a little French farmer
6:04he lived right down in the heart of
6:09Catholic aback when he was the only
6:13skill with weapons for 60 miles around
6:16and he had distributed some of the
6:20burning head pamphlets two of his
6:24daughters Lucy and gizelle the first to
6:28feel the heat masala ate the fuzzy
6:32learned from that know that i am going
6:35to cubic stepper ads email the skeptic
6:38on security 30 eyetality powerful this
6:42possible points of the mechanics of
6:45people is all please on the air zone
6:49same icon should get away everything
6:53on December 11
6:56Russia is on his way to the courthouse
6:58to mail out his Gardens he only gets as
7:01far as the train station
7:03three years maribel you do philosophy WB
7:08purely on damn about this real
7:10difficulty civics their authority figure
7:15I when the Nazi look like yeah you know
7:18just like Pierre cannot be talking so
7:21for to race Boucher's sisters the
7:25charges are dropped her father is still
7:28in jail
7:29where's my pic on a baby bee sting we
7:33had a pissant beatified yes I be so your
7:38monkey here at bournemouth so possess ID
7:42ma Boucher is facing serious charges the
7:48glassy has raised the stakes in his war
7:50against jehovah's witnesses when the
7:54plus C then decided the get heavy-handed
7:58and lay these seditious libel charges
8:00the shot himself in the foot because now
8:04he had the kind of charges that were
8:07appealable to the Supreme Court of
8:09Canada and so once they got we could get
8:12them already come back then we could to
8:14get justice may
8:18there's for a fight that will take him
8:20to the Supreme Court by mid-december
8:24there are a thousand cases before quebec
8:27courts John how is ensnared in quebec
8:30city i was going door-to-door offering
8:34free home Bible studies to anybody was
8:37interested and this boy whose father was
8:40engaged in that and that impacts your
8:44Catholic he he came out and he started
8:47to fight with me and his mother came up
8:49with the room and then he picked up my
8:51briefcase and he ran to the police
8:53station and I chased him down to the
8:56police station and he did charge against
9:00me I later charge against him we never
9:01heard about the charge again to but I
9:04was brought up before mercy
9:06Judge John RCA says if he could he would
9:10put Jehovah's Witnesses away for life
9:13John how gets three months in jail
9:20they put me in a Cell Block with 12
9:25other man they won was accused was a
9:28taxi driver he was accused of rape and
9:31other whistle hotelkeeper II it was
9:34accused of having cut his wife's throat
9:37one was the priest who is in there for
9:39black marketeering
9:41in his New Year's address to Plessy
9:44promises to keep up the pressure on the
9:46most hated group in the province zealots
9:50of a subversive philosophy have launched
9:53repeated and virulent attacks against
9:55the traditions of our province attacking
9:58quebec because they know and sense that
10:00Quebec is the protector of Christian
10:02civilization in canada and even the
10:05entire American continent these people
10:08follow an untrue path loss katha example
10:13of you know nostril Prime Minister
10:16lufthansa kxz hope you're happy and my
10:19java the trashiness ongoing pain main
10:22seedha is on antibiotic bounded by
10:25cyclic suddenly selatan population don't
10:28get to tell me counselor in Montreal
10:32frank welker Elias restaurant is in
10:36as montreal people got 42 our life they
10:39want a bottle of wine they couldn't get
10:41it they go elsewhere for lunch or dinner
10:44so what the business started slowly
10:46petered out he got his staff place got
10:48everybody in jobs and make sure
10:50everybody was looked after 3-4 months
10:52later he closed it down forced to sell
10:55his restaurant at a loss wrong Corelli
10:57instructs his lawyer frank scott to sue
11:00quebec liquor commissioner said washim
11:02bulb we tried to sue the government and
11:06couldn't because the Plessy was attorney
11:09general and wouldn't allow him to sue
11:10the liquor control board who's who tried
11:12to sue and then whether it was frank
11:15scott or whoever got the idea that we
11:17sue mr. du Plessis personally the
11:20premier as mr. du Plessis for using his
11:23position as criminal attorney general to
11:25foster his own personal religious
11:28beliefs and that is a big no-no under
11:31the british north america act in june of
11:331947 wrong Corelli sues the most
11:37powerful man in Quebec for ninety
11:39thousand dollars
11:42the mother is placing the scapular this
11:44is you know the the jacksepticeye
11:47responded to me convert really needed
11:50the Afghan Kelly this dude a pocket
11:52things and get indian cool polis and
11:55even today scientists say this physical
11:57damage down vehicle with the the-the-the
12:00when somebody esta what the executive
12:04include the the level of whistle a
12:08basket rated remain simply I said I mean
12:11it can destroy the static indistinct
12:13probability should suppose mishawaka any
12:17subsequent inquiry is lasse from the
12:21normal guy positions urgency a husky
12:25light-hearted applies with the
12:27controversial please see my left hand is
12:28anything else i count may do tests only
12:31have a filter is toppled the boner don't
12:35care system kissed on out about actually
12:39miss something
12:40dr. wrong Corelli's duel with two Plessy
12:44is also destined for the Supreme Court
12:47meanwhile is
12:49fortunes are plummeting
12:51tried various things couldn't do
12:53business and go back in canada in canada
12:56he could do business not just go back so
12:58we moved to the states and tried to do
13:00some projects there in Quebec City
13:03Maurice to Plessy men's legislation to
13:06increase the penalty for distributing
13:08pamphlets without a permit to one
13:10thousand dollars or three months in jail
13:14laurier soumya ignores the law he's
13:17arrested 103 times silly prison is
13:22becoming soon as second home
13:30should we keep bar a lollipop in Vienna
13:36presque actually room SWA shampine
13:39oppose it to sub the question asking
13:42said Mark stamp recipients and mothers
13:45you wonder if you put the very point
13:47that we see auras are in ithaca on it
13:52there are friendly about the yla
13:55language skills so many first step
13:59Polly cd-rom opportunities you'll see a
14:03chef1 Shirky you say Lee mainly huge a
14:11seed metra Pharaohs activity presume you
14:15are decides to counter the harassment he
14:18targets a quebec city by law that
14:20authorizes the Chief of Police to censor
14:23contents of any pamphlet some use case
14:27will become the third supreme court
14:29challenge to the Westies war without
14:31mercy against jehovah's witnesses
0:01as the nineteen fifties began me.
0:04Frank wrong Carelli laurie is Sonia are poised to challenge the power
0:09Maurice classy is war without mercy
0:12isn't with six year the premier has no idea
0:16who's up against become a young people
0:23the Jehovah's Witnesses see biblical parallels in their plight
0:26me few these um
0:29can lever arm at the comedian or local
0:33have this is Keith any be nah not cut in full
0:37swept Andani cinnabun Rusconi
0:42have a need money them a demand a lot hold
0:45the MOI our team when ya Porter people in national
0:49a lot porno ok one yet of one essentially Beth Taylor
0:53don't be deterred him when you a Seattle WA asses
0:57GD hussy chef on live stream
1:00methanol are Muhammadan Lee is a national champion trees you have
1:04feasible June 1950
1:08Glenn how was before the nine judges Canada's Supreme Court
1:12he's arguing that I mean pushing case
1:15it's the first time the supreme court has been called upon to rule my case
1:19involving the fundamental issue religious freedom
1:24work much pack there was tremendous interest in this cage
1:28reporter Jim public they were standing around them
1:32the gauges the lose a lot of publicity
1:36am the supreme court justices deliberate for six months
1:41finally on december eighteenth nineteen fifty
1:44my an hour five to four ruling the court hands down to play see
1:48his first defeat in his battle against Jehovah's Witnesses
1:52how something I V do I have the car thing
1:55we had been can I would be sad
1:5918 ass on a bit and young you can I don't envy and Pierre
2:03on it she can be going across from living when we won that cage
2:08it was a declaration that there was nothing seditious in the document and
2:12all 123 cases that
2:15the place she had filed all anti-growth the 11 be withdrawn
2:19machine plant this setback finish a war he wages with the approval upcoming
2:25who keep returning him to power poodle plessy
2:28putting down his enemies is politically convenient
2:31a charming is in ATL is gonna happen is an Excel
2:35and subtract from government as surrounds BC as you say
2:40a Republican is when it eliminated when Jill Meagher
2:43continental I'm de Madre pet owners should I hate you
2:48will provide on this the other issue that she'd ready
2:51or canada Mac new bright and it went to bed them
2:55and parking are very good at it now not other packets that on
2:59very drama you and I might be in any game
3:02a diplomatic effect de manana happen is that he has not had a gem
3:07or Canada emancipator Court nominee Ken am
3:12Jehovah's Witnesses win converts in Kabak on their legal problems aren't
3:16over yet
3:17another 1,000 cases are depending on the Sony
3:26meanwhile wrong Carelli suit against plessy has reached the province's
3:30highest court
3:31Mon May 2nd 1951 connects superior court fines for longer rally
3:36but only awards him a fraction of the damage is on
3:41to plessy is enraged at his los an appeals to the Supreme Court
3:45sold is wrong a rally costume for more money because nine thousand dollars
3:50ever was was was a pittance but the judge again
3:53I'll cell my father was right but didn't wanna anger the government too much he's
3:57a government appointee
3:58do plessy uses his legal resources to delay the case for as long as he can
4:04can't hold office
4:07or ruling on the Samir case on October 6 1953
4:11the Supreme Court hands down another narrow five to four ruling
4:15Jones weaknesses
4:19who won the Supreme Court ruled that the censorship was illegal it was eleven
4:24hundred cases all of which had to be
4:26withdrawn hot mom to
4:29sit in the tabla deliver our safety
4:33talent like any I'm busca i dnt
4:36sheep en la on the Penn limber up to
4:40put it daily demands on me no he could food
4:44it the deleted defiantly poorer than the plan free
4:48the supposing ask on the fact
4:52to plessy still see has the power to get rigged
4:55as witnesses we had defeated them on all the laws he knew he decided he was gonna
5:00make anonymous
5:01which he did beginning %um the 19
5:0654 he enacted a new law that was
5:10and known as bill 38 was really an amendment to the freedom to worship act
5:16were you trying to do take away all the rights that were granted under
5:212 placees inspiration comes right out
5:25gardens as I hunted around I found
5:29that this was parallel by
5:33to work a miner's instructions to the Spanish Inquisition
5:36because people could be arrested and held in prison
5:40with no charge they would have to prove themselves
5:45not guilty well never being tall
5:48what they were charged with
5:53Glenn how petitions for an injunction against bill 38
5:57as a means to place he himself mind the hearing
6:01on my said that on your working
6:04I mean is the not the elite anything on this one said they found the money me
6:07page PCU to do for our kids on the team one juror upon your
6:10when I found kennedy yes it is only the fungus a Sandwell
6:15on a mountain when the definitions and concepts and
6:18I'm done it would be no one hour cest
6:22yes exception in you with her
6:26highly abridged and as the cage when I kept asking him questions mission
6:32you're a very important young man and I said well mister policy if we were gonna
6:37get down to
6:38personalities I might have a few remarks in my own mind
6:42since we have business to attend to would you please instead
6:46tell us why you didn't answer the last question & Poor's then
6:50object and went on before the injunction succeeds
6:55and bill 38 is never enacted even the panel on long Israel
6:59unconstitutional du Plessis he has lost the tools to wage a war without mercy
7:05but they're still one unresolved conflict
7:10on January 27 1959 the Supreme Court awards Frank longer rally
7:15more than forty five thousand dollars in damages and costs
7:18calling the raid on his restaurant 12 years earlier a gross abuse
7:23to machines legal power and when the
7:26the I'm judgment came through it was like a relief
7:29wasn't formerly from a burden on was a relief that
7:33yes I was right you know he did when he was right he knew he was right he was
7:39proved right
7:39the rest if that's what it cost that would cost them
7:43that's the the cost
7:46being right and and sticking up for what you believe the print content and the
7:51on our Powerball mother saw mean a thing have to build this afternoon
7:56thank underneath the best mommy and their is on your
7:59this settlement me something that %ah the federal gov't the the
8:03had to adjust this 2 placees last month financial
8:07his party Union national out pains the damages
8:11to plessy still hopes to make political gains
8:14suggesting he might appeal to the Privy Council in London
8:18sconce deficit in be the best nap at sleazy
8:21not cycling across a compulsion to remain cool teacher Donna
8:25you ship shares will have its im the
8:28I think the bank come xoxo them 11 yet them not this election she found that
8:33I could take up to 20 am but in the late fifties
8:37lessees power is in decline the book because this thing
8:41complete washington and Anya you know my mother fasting for best known
8:46companies use mine the friend and enemy yes %ah
8:49splitting up in a min walking there must be the contest there's an Ikea
8:57to his fight against her husband's is dead
9:00seven months menswear
9:03brings an end to end
9:04society now
9:06his house lhasa the way
9:14to play seized
9:15does not comedian to the harassment against Jehovah's Witnesses
9:22nationsbank decreases in awesome hand in hand so much PC Mac and I'm of age
9:28see map and nothing
9:30as a solid ashram demeanor sauce for some cap on the market's been a
9:34for some myth box on the quebecois cost-effective on-demand
9:38assignment at the jersey to my jewel box is the same camp and I think the Falcon
9:42a few years after the supreme court victories
9:46John house still encounters resistance from a priest while going door to door
9:52be set not either get in the car
9:55and go back home artesian I won't be responsible for what's going to happen
10:00to you
10:00and I said that much said you know you have Virgin Mary on your side
10:06I had you say you have gone on your sign and you have Jesus Christ on your side
10:10why do you need to defend your religion
10:14with a vaguely could play iMac
10:18with this well he
10:21I so mad he slammed the door it took up whenever someone can
10:24home Jehovah's Witnesses now
10:28the law on their side in the early 1960s
10:32Prime Minister John Diefenbaker government an ox the Bill of Rights
10:36County religious freedom in calendar
10:40hard cases highlighted for the Canadian public the fact that we can have a
10:45biller rights latter people thought we did
10:47so he just open the door to the
10:50biller rights the Stephen Baker adopted in 1960 as well as the churner rage
10:56to Wally these things the really resulted from the battle and we put on
11:02trying longer really never moved back to the country he held change
11:08he died at his home in connecticut in 1981
11:12his legacy arm I'd say very problem
11:16have a large spectrum change my life
11:20on I keep bumping into people became Canada
11:24every lawyer I need rockabilly
11:27are you any relation to people know about student study in school
11:33that's our problem fact no he did it I want my children
11:37understand what this gentleman did for the Catholic Church lost much of its
11:45complex society
11:47making it easier for Jehovah's Witnesses to large meetings
11:50like this one in the late sixties Jehovah's Witnesses are no longer
11:56public enemy number one
11:57neither is army sonya he preached in combat
12:01until his retirement
12:03new quite young thanks mr. perjured what and
12:07Campania money for fatties um ok when YES Network one flank of cole slaw
12:14saw who the right now thirty-five thousand
12:17Jehovah's Witnesses living in Kabak legal expertise
12:21plan how gain their is found
12:23to other witnesses well I'm console and from time to time on
12:28cases another part to the world on our experience with
12:33both writing and practicing on
12:36and developing the Canadian Constitution has
12:39made it possible for me to speak with considerable authority in other
12:43countries to
12:47a battle raps in a town north of Montreal requires clean house attention
12:52the mayor of Plainfield directs police to prosecute Jehovah's Witnesses
12:56for preaching door-to-door without a permit
13:01well-rehearsed to have another junior to plan she there who's trying to
13:06reestablish censorship here
13:10it's very interesting you wash the sensor Jehovah's Witnesses re while
13:14ensuring all the politicians that they can go for markdowns without a permit
13:18he got a law that he wants to apply
13:22and a very selective way in which is known as discrimination
13:26moderate but that name is an exceptional of them that ascap it to my job are some
13:31will see a am my season economic unease unicom
13:37the isn't anything this panel that was his early days in the town
13:40wheeler see how the keys goes I might tell yet so well-known
13:44and what are cases have done I have a cure but
13:48judges like me and you always wins as for what we've done the problems we come



“Witness to Persecution: Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses in Quebec Canada,” Exhibits, accessed June 14, 2024,