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Part 1 - Portrait of Official-Language Minorities in Canada: Introduction


Part 1 - Portrait of Official-Language Minorities in Canada: Introduction



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Portrait of Official-Language Minorities in Canada: Part 1, Introduction

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:00in canada english and french have the
0:08status of official languages in the
0:11census Canadians report more than 200
0:14languages as a mother tongue or is the
0:17main language they use at home this
0:20great linguistic diversity is evolving
0:23in a context of linguistic duality about
0:26ninety-eight percent of canada's
0:28population can manage a conversation in
0:31either English or French eighty percent
0:34have one of these two languages as their
0:37mother tongue and close to ninety four
0:39percent speak one of them at least
0:41regularly at home at the national level
0:45French is the minority official language
0:48nearly one in four people has french as
0:52their mother tongue or as their home
0:54language three out of 10 canadians can
0:57speak it at the provincial level French
1:01is very much the majority language in
1:03Quebec we are as in all the other
1:05provinces and the territories it has
1:08minority status only Quebec has a
1:11minority Anglophone population in Canada
1:14nearly 1 million francophones live
1:17outside Quebec they live in provinces or
1:20territories where english is the
1:22language of the majority of the
1:24population in Quebec where French is the
1:27majority language a roughly equal number
1:30of Anglophones make up the provinces
1:32linguistic minority in order to support
1:36the development of these minority
1:38language communities statistics canada
1:41has published in recent years a series
1:44of provincial and territorial portraits
1:46of official language minorities in
1:48Canada these portraits are francophones
1:52outside Quebec and Anglophones in Quebec
1:55these portraits provide a wide range of
1:59statistics from canadian census and from
2:02the survey on the vitality of official
2:05language minorities conducted by
2:07statistics canada in 2006 these data
2:11cover various subjects of it
2:13trust both demographic and
2:15socio-economic what are the main
2:18findings in these statistics
2:20what are the main trends that
2:22characterize official language minority
2:24communities in canada how do these
2:27communities see their future one of the
2:29main challenges in the next few minutes
2:33we'll try to answer these questions by
2:35summarizing these portraits of official
2:38language minorities



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