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Trudeau Delcares Canadian Multiculturalism Policy


Trudeau Delcares Canadian Multiculturalism Policy




This is a video of PM Pierre Trudeau declaring Canada's adoption of a policy of Multiculturalism


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French, translated into English (Note: unofficial translation)


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Trudeau Delcares Canadian Multiculturalism Policy

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Transcript of translation:
0:00servers here a pack civic center here in the nation's capital
0:04finding the first piece overhaul is going expected to hit their strongly in
0:08the future like friend me show me
0:19I have you today one out something very important I have been trying to declare
0:24for a long time
0:25what can end up being the accepting country that we are
0:28multiculturalism is now an official government policy
0:32multiculturalism is intended to preserve the cultural freedom of individuals and
0:37provide recognition of the cultural contributions of diverse ethnic groups
0:42to canadian society the compliments now committed to support multiculturalism by
0:47assisting cultural groups in their development and sustained individuals in
0:51or coming discrimination encouraging intercultural exchange and assisting
0:56immigrants and learning French or English Canada is now the first country
1:01in the world record that multiculturalism as an official policy
1:05by doing so canada gain value of dignity and canadian citizens regardless both
1:12the racial or ethnic origins language or religious and Felicia
1:19now I am more than a largely zena phobic attitude has been spread across this
1:25country into making us all two different about accepting immigrants in together
1:28I believe it is time that we start becoming more determined to create our
1:32own cultural identity for Canada and one separate from colonial rule
1:37I'm aware that a leader has and still is experiencing cultural and security
1:41prosperity and security for Canadian culture is considered to have a driving
1:45entertainment music our radio film and those industries
1:50speaking of industries this country now means highly skilled educated immigrants
1:55who will make an important contribution to the technological revolution taking
1:59immigrants can come to the cities and can easily be seen contributing to the
2:03well-being of the country and important ways
2:06post-war prosperity is linked to the coming of the skilled workforce and
2:09beneficially many of these immigrants will be investing immigrants think about
2:14the driver plenty for immigrants are not going to be in your way to compete for
2:18scarce jobs
2:19unlike what was taught to happen during the Depression with our economy finally
2:23picking back up
2:24it would be ashamed to have a repeat of the depression just because of the
2:27xenophobia that continues to ponder around the minds of a few citizens of
2:31this nation
2:36I believe that it is our duty to support different cultures and ethnicities as a
2:40whole if you're all up to date with the news there's been an increasing amount
2:44of organizations of minority groups to defend the rights individual immigrants
2:49are no longer getting pretty gruesome as a recommendation for that it is our duty
2:54to take part and be alongside these immigrants
2:56I believe that both needed . and naturalized citizens are equally
3:01entitled to all the rights of the citizen and subject all the duties of
3:05the citizen shall be guaranteed from democratic rights including the right to
3:10vote in elections of the House of Commons and legislative assembly and the
3:15right to run for office
3:17another I believe a candidate should have is that Canadian citizens should be
3:21able to hold dual citizenship rather than generally losing the citizenship
3:26automatically if they acquire the citizenship of another country kinda



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