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Eli Franklin Burton, 1879-1948

Eli Franklin Burton, 1879-1948

Development of the Electron Microscope

Burton succeeded J.C. McLennan as head of the Physics Department of the University of Toronto in 1932.  His main area of research was colloids and he also did work on helium.  In 1938 he led a team of graduate students: Cecil Hall, James Hillier and Albert Prebus, that resulted in the first practical electron microscope, an extremely useful tool with many industrial applications in areas as diverse as plastics and textiles manufacturing and the examination of metallic and crystalline structures.  There is an award given in his name by the Electron Microscopy Society of America.

Stocking seen through electron microscope magnified 150 times

Stocking Magnified 150 Times Through Electron Microscope

As seen using the first electron microscope, this image is of a stocking magnified 150 times its actual size.

Physical Science
Eli Franklin Burton, 1879-1948