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John Gerald FitzGerald, 1882-1940

Production of Vaccines and Creation of the Connaught Laboratories

In 1913 FitzGerald, seated centre of three, joined the University of Toronto as the first full-time professor of hygiene.  With the onset of World War I, he successfully convinced the University to support the production of anti-tetanus toxins for the Canadian Expeditionary Forces in what would be called the University of Toronto Anti-Toxin Laboratories.  Subsequently, with Government support, smallpox and typhoid vaccines were produced as well.  In 1917, on land donated by A.E. Gooderham, the new Connaught Antitoxin Laboratories and University Farm opened and remained part of the University until 1972.

The FitzGerald Building is named after him.

Health and Life Science
John Gerald FitzGerald, 1882-1940