Project Overview

UofT Woodsworth Deliverables-3274 (2).jpg

Woodsworth College. Photograph by Maureen Gomes.

Woodsworth College at the University of Toronto was founded on January 1, 1974, established “primarily for part-time students who were taking courses for academic credit” (Friedland, The University of Toronto: A History, 571). In its 50th anniversary year, Woodsworth College is home to around 5300 students at the University of Toronto.

This project is a collaborative digital history of Woodsworth College, including photographs, maps, historical documents, and oral history narratives. A spatial history, this project focuses on the places of Woodsworth College and the stories rooted in these places.

Beginning on Woodsworth College’s fiftieth birthday, the faculty, staff, students, and alumni of Woodsworth College will tell the college’s story together.

What you see here today is only the project’s beginning.

If you want to join the storytelling, if you have memories of the College that you wish to share, please let us know.

Project Overview