Discrimination not Allowed


Discrimination not Allowed


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Barbara Turnbull
Using specially adapted equipment in the dormitory room she shares with fellow student or helper Liz Kettles, Barbara tackles her homework.

Nicole Curling
Women (not Nicole Curling) in a classroom in front of a chalkboard face down writing in a notebook. For illustrative purposes only

Dee Brown
Boston Celtics’ Dee Brown shows his amazing form at the start of the 3-on-3 basketball competition at Greenwood Raceway

Toronto East Detention Centre - Michael McKinnon
Exterior of Toronto East Detention Centre, the prison where Michael McKinnon worked.

Three individuals preparing for the Lesbian and Gay Pride Day parade in a Church Street bar.

Tranchemontagne and Webeski
Shattered beer bottles on the side of the road. Photo was changed from colour to black and white for illustrative purposes only.

Dashminder Sehdev
Dashminder Sedhev’s parents have been vindicated in their challenge to a private school’s ban on the turbans Sikhs wear. The boy, who is now 8, currently attends a public school.

R. vs  N.S
Woman (not NS) stands posing in front of the camera wearing a niqab. For Illustrative purposes only

Michael Leshner
Michael Leshner’s fight to include Michael Stark, foreground, in all his benefits is backed by a Human Rights Tribunal.

Justine Blainey
Justine Blainey greets the media in her private dressing room before a game. Justine is the first girl to legally play in the Metropolitan Toronto Hockey League.

Quote for Dee Brown case
Quote from Craig Brommel

Quote for Michael McKinnon Case
I was called ‘chief,’ conversations were referred to as ‘powwows;’ my wife, who was then my girlfriend, was referred to as a ‘squaw’.
They (his superiors) seemed shocked that somebody would actually identify it and bring it forward. You…

Quote for CLGA vs Brockie Case
Quote by Adjudicator Heather MacNaughton

Quote for Michael Stark Case
Quote by Michael Stark
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