Criminology History and Edwards


Criminology History and Edwards

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We Are Moving on August 19th, 1974<br /><br />
Informational Card on Centre of Criminology location change from 607-609 and 619-621 Spadina Avenue to John P. Robarts Library, 8th Floor. 
Info Card includes new phone numbers for Centre of Criminology departments. and full address including postal codes for mentioned office locations.

MEMORANDUM RELATING TO THE CENTRE OF CRIMINOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, Memorandum for 1965 academic-year at the Centre of Criminology.
Memorandum includes descriptions of the Centre of Criminology objectives, members of the executive council, members of the advisory counsel, staff members, research, library and teaching objectives as well as an outline of lectures and conferences.

Anthony Doob appointed Centre of Criminology director, clipping from The Bulletin Brief, a UofT publication service.
Clipping references Professor Anthony Doob's administrative and academic experience. Clipping also includes a photo of Professor Anthony Doob.

CENTRE OF CRIMINOLOGY REPORT 1963-1966, Includes history, activities and future for the Centre of Criminology.
Report includes founding history of the Centre of Criminology, as well as mentions of committee members, lectures, conferences, and research projects within the first three years of the Centre's founding.

Finding aid for the John Ll. J. Edwards research collections on the topic of Law Officers of The British Commonwealth. This guide includes correspondence sent and received by Edwards, interviews with Law officers while overseas, research notes,…

Contact Proofs, Photos of 607-609 Spadina Avenue by Robert Lansdale Photography
Contact Proofs depict a panorama view of 607-609 Spadina Avenue building where Centre of Criminology operated.

Blueprint, &quot;Eighth Floor Plan West Section Occupancy Layout&quot;, Centre of Criminology Offices and Library Layout in Robarts Library.
Blueprint includes annotations detailing which office rooms belonged to each professor, research staff, or staff holding administrative positions at the Centre of Criminology.

&quot;Professor John Ll. J Edwards - In Memoriam&quot;, clipping from Nexus Magazine, a Faculty of Law alumni magazine.
Photocopied Clipping detailing a short biography Professor John Ll.J. Edwards' life and academic achievements. Clipping makes reference to an obituary in The London Times and includes a quote from that coverage. Item also includes a photograph of…

&quot;Toronto Criminology Centre makes big waves...quietly&quot;, The Toronto Star.
Newspaper clipping featured on the "Insight Page" of the Toronto Star in 1973. Discusses international recognition for the Centre of Criminology directed by Professor John Edwards. Discusses its teaching program and the Centre's sponsoring of the…

&quot;To uphold the law&quot;, Newspaper clipping of RCMP Federal Inquiry led by Professor Edwards, McDonald Commission
Coverage of the RCMP Federal Inquiry led by Professor John Edwards representing the McDonald Commission. References made to an argument against Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau concerning transparency with police investigative practices in the RCMP.

&quot;Edwards influences criminal justice system&quot;, The Bulletin.
Newspaper Clipping including photograph of Professor Edwards and mentions of events, conferences and academic achievements under the directorship of Professor John Edwards at the Centre of Criminology. Article discusses Professor John Edward's…

&quot;Questions Await Crime Research&quot;, The Globe and Mail.
Newspaper clipping discussing Professor Edwards' inspirations and central questions for opening the Centre of Criminology. Clipping provides an overview of Professor Edwards' administrative experiences and research interests.

&quot;One Half of a Criminology Centre&quot;, The Globe and Mail.
Clipping discusses the preparations for the Centre's first criminology seminars for the 1964-1965 academic session. Clipping also references Professor Edwards' hope for more funding in order to fully expand the research scope at the Centre.

G.A.B Watson&#039;s  Appointment to Director of the Centre of Criminology 1976
Clipping from the University of Toronto Bulletin providing a description on Professor G.A.B Watson's appointment for a three-year Directorship term begining on July 1, 1976. Clipping includes a headshot of Professor Watson and lists some of his…

&quot;$150,000 given UofT on crime&quot;, The Telegram
Newspaper clipping mentions the Ford Foundation's $835,000 fund, allocated towards various Canadian and U.S research training to improve crime prevention, $150,000 of which was granted to the Centre of Criminology.

Professor John LI.J Edwards, Director (1963-1976)
Headshot of Director: Professor John LI.J Edwards.

Professor Gordon A.B. Watson, Director (1976-1979)
Headshot of Director: Professor Gordon A.B. Watson,

Professor Anthony Doob, Director (1979-1989)
Headshot of Director: Professor Anthony Doob

Professor John M. Beattie, Director (1989-1992)
Headshot of Director: Professor John M. Beattie

Professor Clifford D. Shearing, Director (1993-1998)
Headshot of Director: Professor Clifford D. Shearing
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