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A note about the language and content of the exhibit

The University of Toronto Libraries acknowledge that the material exhibited here uses problematic and outdated terminology that may be harmful, offensive, or misrepresentative. 

As a research library, we collect, preserve, and digitize published and archival materials representative of the past. These materials may contain historical language and content that is harmful and offensive, for example, language used to refer to racial, ethnic, and cultural groups. Items in our collections, their content, and their descriptions reflect the time when they were created and the view of their authors, editors, translators, and publishers. 

We recognize that some titles described in the captions contain a term that is offensive and is not how individuals identify themselves within the community. The items in this exhibit retain their original descriptions to ensure that attitudes and viewpoints of their creators are not erased from the historical record.  

The following document describes UTL commitments and actions to ongoing anti-racism work: 

University of Toronto Libraries anti-racism actions

Invitation to feedback:  

A note about the language and content of the exhibit