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This decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal addressed whether a provincial land titles Registrar properly refused to attached a note of "lis pendens" (pending litigation) to the title of land slated to be developed into recreational…

connolley woolwich 1.jpg
These files contain excerpts from Connolly v. Woolrich et al. , an important 1867 case. This case considered the legality of a marriage between a man employed by the Hudson Bay and an indigenous woman. The wedding was not performed by a priest, but…

Canadian court system overview.jpg
This is an outline of the structure of the Canadian court system. It shows the hierarchy of the Canadian courts.

This infographic provides information about pre-1975 treaties with First Nations in Canada.

This brochure provides information about the Teslin Tlingit Justice Council and Peacemaker Court. A tripartite agreement among the Teslin Tlingit Council, the Yukon government, and the Canadian government provided for the establishment of a Teslin…

This set of FAQs seeks to clarify the concepts of legal dualism and bilingual bisystemism. From this report: "Legal dualism is the explicative theory built on the coexistence of two legal systems of private law within the Canadian legal framework;…

Photograph of the Tsilhqot’in Nation legal team involved in the Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia case at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Full list of names for the above photo: Chief Roger William (the representive plaintiff, centre),…

thinking about indigeous legal orders.pdf
In this paper, the author explores how we might understand law from an Aboriginal perspective. She makes a critical distinction between "legal systems" and "legal order". She explores the sources of law, the kinds of law, legal reasoning, and the…

This web page provides background information about the common law tradition, the civil law tradition, Aboriginal treaty rights, how Parliament makes laws, and the nature of regulations.
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