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News Anchor Making Canadian History



News Anchor Making Canadian History


Canada, Canadian identity, Muslim, hijab, clothing


This story features Ginella Massa, Canada’s first news anchor to wear a Hijab.


Breakfast Television via YouTube


"News Anchor Making Canadian History" Breakfast Television, online via Youtube:




Nov. 29, 2016


Breakfast Television, 2016


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News Anchor Making Canadian History

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Breakfast Television


0:00onto an incredible story about a city
0:02news reporter by the name of janella mad
0:04that she knows how to deliver news
0:05stories but she recently became the new
0:08story and internationally as canada's
0:10first anchor to wear a hijab and Janelle
0:13joins us this morning live from Toronto
0:15good morning to you
0:17hi Joe how are you I'm great great great
0:19to see you and this is really incredible
0:21how this is taking hold
0:23so let's find out your reaction to the
0:27response that you received following a
0:29anchoring the news and then you earned
0:32international attention it really took
0:34fire from there
0:35yeah my phone hasn't stopped buzzing for
0:37the last two week and a half I didn't
0:39expect it to
0:40I mean I kind of knew it was significant
0:42I tweeted about it right after but I
0:44didn't expect it to go everywhere to the
0:47way that it did i'm in the reaction has
0:49been overwhelmingly positive people who
0:51have said oh wow we haven't done this in
0:53Canada you know it's about time or
0:55people who have been watching my work
0:56it's a great for you you know it's a
0:57career milestone and from young people
1:00who are finally seeing people who look
1:03like them on TV I you know growing up I
1:05never saw anyone look like me on TV and
1:07that but you know it's really tough
1:09because it tells you where you do or you
1:10don't belong so I think it's about time
1:12that are our newscasts reflect our
1:15cities in china was one of the most
1:16diverse cities in the world so incensed
1:18of course and yes a little bit more
1:20about that in the opportunity that you
1:22have now to be a role model and so
1:24obviously you're comfortable in the role
1:26of being a journalist are you
1:27comfortable in the role of having you
1:30know at the opportunity to make a change
1:32for young girls who are watching you
1:34yeah absolutely and I think that my
1:36number one goal has always been to be a
1:38good journalist to be the best
1:40journalists that I can be that's the
1:41measuring stick that I want people to
1:43use when they look at my work I don't
1:46want anyone to ever say oh she doesn't
1:47belong there all was it you know it was
1:49a token higher and you know baby knows
1:51if if I ever was hired for that reason
1:53I'm i still want to earn my place I'm
1:56and yes I think that it is important to
1:58see I arm our communities reflected in
2:01the the stories that were telling i
2:04think that you know everything that we
2:06do you know if you're black you're white
2:08if your man
2:09a woman all those things color your
2:12experiences all those things color your
2:13opinions and you bring those experiences
2:15to the newsroom so it's important that
2:17we tap into all of those diverse
2:19absolutely and to that point i'm gonna
2:22read a tweet that you posted just five
2:24days ago and so much has happened since
2:26then but you posted after two crazy days
2:28off i'm back at work today hoping we can
2:30start to focus on the stories I tell
2:31instead of what I'm wearing
2:33how close do you think we are to uh you
2:36know not having those visual cues mean
2:39the things that they do today
2:42I mean you know even if I didn't wear
2:43hijab I think that as a woman often and
2:45i'm sure you know this is well working
2:47in use on people get caught up on
2:49talking about how her dress to our
2:51makeup how her hair is and sometimes I
2:53really wonder hey what about my story
2:55you know anything about that i'm sure
2:57you don't like areas as well i got tweet
3:00about my chipped nail polish want some i
3:02didn't know i mean i think that there we
3:04still a long way to go in terms of
3:05actually focusing on the stories that
3:07were telling how we're telling them and
3:09I'll happily take criticism for my work
3:11if I people think I i'm not being fair
3:13or I'm i know not asking the right
3:15questions i'll take that feedback i love
3:17that I second that motion I'm with you
3:19on that point that what has been the
3:21most outstanding moment the most
3:23heartwarming thing for you in the last
3:25handful of days you know young people
3:30coming up to me and saying it really
3:32means a lot to see you
3:34you know representing for us and showing
3:36you know what muscle women can do and be
3:39because there are a lot of
3:39misconceptions about it a lot of
3:41discussion about us and we're not often
3:43involved in those discussions so here I
3:45am just doing my job i'm not talking
3:47about my realtor or anything I'm just
3:49doing my job but I happen to be wearing
3:50a scarf while doing it and sometimes
3:52just being in the room does a lot
3:55well janella we appreciate and are
3:58inspired by your story thank you so much
4:00for sharing some time with us this
4:02morning and we wish you continued
4:03success thanks so much still thank you a
4:06pleasure to speak with janelle amounts
4:07of life from Toronto who the city news
4:10reporter and canada's first anchor to
4:12wear a hijab on commercial television



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