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This document is the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, which sets out the official multiculturalism policy of Canada and provides for its implementation.

This website sets out a variety of resources (including interactive resources) related to Canada's official policy of multiculturalism.

This video captures a goal by Pittsburgh Penguin Nick Bonino on May 30, 2016, as called by the English-speaking version of Hockey Night in Canada. This version stands in contrast to the call of the same goal by the Punjabi colour commentary, which…

This video shows coverage of a goal by the Pittsburgh Penguins Nick Bonino in May, 2016 by Hockey Night in Canada: Punjabi edition. The calls are made by the Punjabi colour commentary team.

Canada (A.G.) v. Igloo Vikski Inc. was a tariff code case that made its way to the SCC (Supreme Court of Canada). The case disputed the definition of hockey gloves as either gloves or as “articles of plastics.” In a fun and light-hearted way, Mr.…

CBC Sports reports on the fact that Marty McSorley was charged with assault with a weapon under the Canadian Criminal Code after he hit Donald Brashear with his hockey stick during an NHL game in February 2000.

This video from CBC News reports on a pitch to build a cricket pitch (pun intended) on the Toronto Islands.

1 Picture Race, Space, and Place- Matches Poster.jpg
This image shows the program for 3 matches played at the Toronto Cricket Grounds in 1879

This hyperlink leads to a Pew Research Center demographic study on the role of religion in Canadian life. Notwithstanding the historic place of the Protestant and Catholic churches in Canada, this 2013 reports that "more Canadians belong to minority…

This video was produced by Tourism Toronto to promote the city, which typically bills itself as being diverse and tolerant. Tourism Toronto provides the following description: "The views are different in Toronto. A city where all flavours are…
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