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cover of mcleans magazine.jpg
This image captures the cover of Maclean's Magazine, which featured a cover story on Canadians and the wearing of veils, niqabs, and hijabs in Canada.

R v NS 2012_3RCS_726.pdf
Supreme Court of Canada decision in a criminal law case. NS was the complainant in a sexual assault. During the preliminary inquiry, NS sought to testify wearing a niqab. Defence counsel challenged her request on the argument that the right to a…

picture say no to niqab in french modified no identity.jpg
A still image that became an Internet meme passed around among those who opposed the wearing of niqabs and burkas in public.

A link to the 2015 decision of the Federal Court of Canada which held that a Sunni Muslim woman could wear a niqab when she took the oath of Canadian citizenship at a public ceremony.
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