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This is a photograph of Ukrainian women cutting lumber in the Athabasca region, circa 1930.

This is a photograph of a group of Black women in front of the YWCA building in Toronto

This report empirically studies the degree to which Canadians embrace diversity and the degree of inclusion and tolerance experienced by various groups, especially minority groups in Canada. The report engages in this study by examining Canadian…

This is a photograph of Cheri DiNovo, who performed the first legal same-sex marriage registered in Canada in 2001.

This photograph captures people gathered at an airport to welcome the first refugees to arrive from Syria in Canada following ongoing civil war and a major civilian crisis in Syria. Syrians were welcome with signs in both English and Arabic.

This video was produced by Tourism Toronto to promote the city, which typically bills itself as being diverse and tolerant. Tourism Toronto provides the following description: "The views are different in Toronto. A city where all flavours are…
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