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Christie v York 1940scr0_139.pdf
In this case, Fred Christie, a Black man living in Montreal, sued the York Tavern after the latter refused to sell him a glass of beer. The case involved the freedom of contract, including the right to discriminate provided that there are no laws or…

This is a photograph of a group of Black women in front of the YWCA building in Toronto

This is a photograph of three African Canadian hockey players who played for The Black Flashes from Mount Forest.

This cartoon became a popular Internet meme around 2012-2013. The cartoon features a road sign that says, "Welcome to Canada, where we don't care who you marry so long as you both watch hockey" It speaks to the idea that Canadians are bound…

2 Picture Race, Space, and Place-Gentlemen of England vs Toronto Cricket Club (1872).jpg
Match 2-4 September 1872, at Toronto Cricket Club grounds n. side College st. e. of St. George St.
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