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This is a replica of the One Dish One Spoon Wampum, which established an agreement to share resources of territories in vast regions of the Great Lakes peacefully among a number of Indigenous nations, including the Anishinaabek and Haudenosaunee.

st james old and new.jpg
Photograph of St. James Cathedral, West Side, reflected in building

st james catherdal.jpg
A photograph of St James Cathedral in Toronto, ON

g20 police.jpg
This is a photograph of police at the G20 protests in Toronto taken as the police were advancing on protesters. The protesters had gathered just south of Queens Park, Toronto, which had been designated a "Free Speech Zone". Police, however, ordered…

Caption pasted on this item:Original Plan of the Toronto Purchase from the Indians, 1787-1805. Showing the 250,808 acres, of which Toronto occupies (1911) 10,477, sold by the Indians to the Government for $9,500.

This is a photograph of a stained glass window in Toronto's City Hall

This is a photograph of a stained glass window in Toronto's City Hall

kettling lossy-page1-1280px-Toronto_G20_Protests.tif.jpg
This photograph captures police using "kettling", a controversial crowd control technique that involves boxing people into an intersection and slowing moving inward so that people are crowded tightly together. Photographer Jonas Naimark provides this…

G20 RIOTS SAT 26 JUNE 2010 - Burning police cruiser at the intersection of Bay and King Streets in the heart of Toronto's Financial District

This is the only known photograph of the riots at Christie Pits in Toronto, 1933. Here is a description of the event provided by The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, online: " On the night of August 16,…
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