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Christie v York 1940scr0_139.pdf
In this case, Fred Christie, a Black man living in Montreal, sued the York Tavern after the latter refused to sell him a glass of beer. The case involved the freedom of contract, including the right to discriminate provided that there are no laws or…

This newspaper story reports on how the availability of Hockey Night in Canada in the Punjabi language has brought one family together. It captures the centrality of hockey to Canada even as the country continues to increase in cultural and…

This video captures a goal by Pittsburgh Penguin Nick Bonino on May 30, 2016, as called by the English-speaking version of Hockey Night in Canada. This version stands in contrast to the call of the same goal by the Punjabi colour commentary, which…

CBC Sports reports on the fact that Marty McSorley was charged with assault with a weapon under the Canadian Criminal Code after he hit Donald Brashear with his hockey stick during an NHL game in February 2000.

This video from CBC News reports on a pitch to build a cricket pitch (pun intended) on the Toronto Islands.

1 Picture Race, Space, and Place- Matches Poster.jpg
This image shows the program for 3 matches played at the Toronto Cricket Grounds in 1879

From the CBC Digital Archives, online:"Maurice Richard's temper is as fiery as his nickname, and the Rocket is no stranger to the penalty box. The francophone star is frequently at odds with the man…

2 Picture Race, Space, and Place-Gentlemen of England vs Toronto Cricket Club (1872).jpg
Match 2-4 September 1872, at Toronto Cricket Club grounds n. side College st. e. of St. George St.
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