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This is a photograph of a traditional Dutch treat, poffertjes, or little pancakes.  This photograph was taken at the anniversary celebration of a Dutch goods store in Acton, Ontario.

Six cats playing. Yes, even before the Internet, cats had a central place in our artistic imagination.

tout est possible.jpg
This is a photograph of graffiti art found at Toronto's Brickworks. It reads, "tout est possible" ("everything is possible")

From the CBC Digital Archives, online: Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism has forgotten one of the country's founding nations -- Native Canadians. Mrs. Monteur of the…

This report empirically studies the degree to which Canadians embrace diversity and the degree of inclusion and tolerance experienced by various groups, especially minority groups in Canada. The report engages in this study by examining Canadian…

This newspaper story reports on how the availability of Hockey Night in Canada in the Punjabi language has brought one family together. It captures the centrality of hockey to Canada even as the country continues to increase in cultural and…
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