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st james old and new.jpg
Photograph of St. James Cathedral, West Side, reflected in building

This news story from 2010 discusses the role of the reference to "the Supremacy of God" in the preamble of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Different perspectives on the significance of the preamble are given.

faith based arbitration.jpg
This photograph captures a woman arguing with Joanne Siska during a protest against Sharia law in Toronto. At the time, the Ontario government was considering allowing Shariah law to be used as a form of faith-based arbitration in the province.…

pew research data.png
This figure illustrates demographic changes in religious affiliation in Canada between 1971 and 2011. The figure is part of Pew Research Center's report, "Canada's Changing Religious Landscape". This report was prepared with data made available from…

This hyperlink leads to a Pew Research Center demographic study on the role of religion in Canadian life. Notwithstanding the historic place of the Protestant and Catholic churches in Canada, this 2013 reports that "more Canadians belong to minority…

photo lord durham.jpg
This is a photograph of ohn George Lambton, First Earl of Durham. Lord Durham was the Governor General of British North America from 1837 to 1838. He was sent to British North America to investigate the causes of the 1837 rebellions in Upper and…

Lamb v. Benoit et al.pdf
This is a hyperlink to the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Lamb v. Benoit (1959). Louise Lamb was arrested in 1946 while distributing pamphlets on the street in Quebec. Police believed she was distributing the pamphlet “Quebec’s Burning…

Chaput 1955scr0-834.pdf
This is a hyperlink to a decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in the Chaput v. Romain (1955) case. The case involved members of the provincial police who broke up a meeting that was conducted by a minister of the
Jehovah’s Witnesses in the…

Saumur 1953scr2-299.pdf
This is a link to a decision of the Supreme Court of Canada. Laurier Samur, a practicing Jehovah’s Witness challenged a City of Quebec by-law that forbade
the distribution in the street of the City of any book, pamphlet, booklet, circular,…

quebecs burning hate.jpg
This is the first page of a tract distributed by Jehovah's Witnesses in Quebec. Premier Duplessis had members of the Jehovah's Witnesses arrested for handing out these tracts in the name of "public order".

Canada gazette front page .jpg
This document is the front page of the Canada Gazette from July 4, 1940. It publishes an Order in Council declaring Jehovah's Witnesses to be an illegal organization.

Globe and mail article re roncarelli.jpg
This is a newspaper article published in the Globe and Mail. The article reports on Roncarelli's successful lawsuit against Premier Duplessis.

This program features an interview of Frank Roncarelli who challenged Quebec Premier Duplessis's revocation of his liquor licence. Duplessis cancelled Roncarelli's licence after Roncarelli continued to post bail for Jehovah's Witnesses who had been…
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