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This is a photograph of Ukrainian women cutting lumber in the Athabasca region, circa 1930.

pathways to permanent residence.jpg
This is an excerpt from Fay Faraday's report, "Made in Canada : How the Law Constructs Migrant Workers' Insecurity" (Toronto: Metcalf Foundation 2012), p. 24. It illustrates the difficulties that temporary foreign workers have in getting permanent…

This report illustrates how the Canadian economy relies on low-wage migrant workers who are granted temporary residency rights in Canada. The legal framework underpinning the Temporary Foreign Workers Program leaves these workers vulnerable to…

This segment on The Stream by Al Jazeera provides insight on concerns about the Temporary Foreign Worker Programs and the direction reforms should take in order to fall in line with Canadian values. The video notes conflicting public views about the…

This video features Prime Minister Harper's apology for the Chinese Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act in Canadian Parliament

This video shows the premier of British Columbia offering a formal apology to Chinese Canadians for acts of discrimination and racism in the past.

report on royal commission.jpg
This image shows the first page of the Report of the Royal Commission on Chinese Immigration. Report and Evidence, 1885. The recommendations of this report ultimately led to the Chinese Immigration Act of 1885, which imposed a head tax upon Chinese…

chinese labourers .jpg
This photograph depicts Chinese labourers working on the Canadian Pacific Railway mile sections of the Canadian Pacific Railway from the Pacific to Craigellachie in the Eagle Pass in British Columbia.

raoofs generated information.jpg
This screenshot captures the search results from the Chinese Migrant Database operated by Library and Archives Canada for Chong Do Dang, a ten year old boy. The records show that Chong Do Dang was registered on Feb. 11, 1922.

chang dong dang head certificate tax.jpg
This document is a head tax certificate issued to Chong Do Dang, age 10. Once a Chinese migrant paid the required head tax, the individual would be issued a certificate like this one.

cartoon 2.png
This cartoon depicts Amor de Cosmos forcing a Chinese immigrant to leave British Columbia because he refuses to assimilate.

According to Library and Archives Canada, the caption of this cartoon read:
- A.D.C: “You can’t or won’t…
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