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This video features Prime Minister Harper's apology for the Chinese Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act in Canadian Parliament

This video shows the premier of British Columbia offering a formal apology to Chinese Canadians for acts of discrimination and racism in the past.

report on royal commission.jpg
This image shows the first page of the Report of the Royal Commission on Chinese Immigration. Report and Evidence, 1885. The recommendations of this report ultimately led to the Chinese Immigration Act of 1885, which imposed a head tax upon Chinese…

raoofs generated information.jpg
This screenshot captures the search results from the Chinese Migrant Database operated by Library and Archives Canada for Chong Do Dang, a ten year old boy. The records show that Chong Do Dang was registered on Feb. 11, 1922.

chang dong dang head certificate tax.jpg
This document is a head tax certificate issued to Chong Do Dang, age 10. Once a Chinese migrant paid the required head tax, the individual would be issued a certificate like this one.

cartoon 2.png
This cartoon depicts Amor de Cosmos forcing a Chinese immigrant to leave British Columbia because he refuses to assimilate.

According to Library and Archives Canada, the caption of this cartoon read:
- A.D.C: “You can’t or won’t…

first offensive cartoon.jpg
The is a cartoon that was published in the Canadian Illustrated News in 1870. This cartoon depicts a Chinese man stealing the boot of a white man.  The Chinese man is being beaten by Uncle Sam and two other white men. This provides a concrete…
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