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This is an illustration that accompanied a Book Review published in The Walrus magazine, online:  The books canvassed in the Book Review were: Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of…

From the Red Man Laughing, "Land" podcast (July 25, 2016), online: "In this episode of Red Man Laughing, Ryan turns the microphone on himself to share three stories that might shine a…

This website contains interactive maps related to Indigenous peoples in Canada. This collection includes: a Story Map, two History Maps, a Treaties and Land Claims map, a Present Day: First Nations map, and a Present Day: Inuit Map.

This video features Prime Minister Harper's apology for the Chinese Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act in Canadian Parliament

This video shows the premier of British Columbia offering a formal apology to Chinese Canadians for acts of discrimination and racism in the past.

protests parliament hill japanese redress.jpg
Japanese Canadians, along with many prominent Canadians, rally on Parliament Hill in support of redress (April 14th, 1988)

A television broadcast detailing how some Japanese Canadians opposed compensation for their past treatment.
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