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CBC Radio Broadcast "The World at Six": reporting on how Japanese Canadians celebrated after the announcement of the Redress Agreement

A CBC news broadcast. Described as:
"Today, after 40 years, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney formally apologizes to Japanese Canadian survivors and their families. During the Second World War, 22,000 Japanese Canadians were uprooted from their homes,…

protests parliament hill japanese redress.jpg
Japanese Canadians, along with many prominent Canadians, rally on Parliament Hill in support of redress (April 14th, 1988)

A television broadcast detailing how some Japanese Canadians opposed compensation for their past treatment.

war measures act.jpg
The War Measures Act is a Canadian Statute, first introduced in 1914. The purpose of the Act was to give the federal government absolute authority in times of war and other moments of national crisis.
In 1942, Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie…

confiscated japanese boats.jpg
The photo shows hundreds of fishing boats owned by Japanese-Canadians that were rounded up and seized, prior to being sold by the Custodian of Enemy Property.

navy officer questioning japanese fishermen.jpg
Japanese Canadian fishermen having their boat confiscated by a Royal Canadian Navy Officer, 1941.

japanese beat farmers.jpg
Group photograph of Steveston fisherman who relocated to Iron Springs, AB. The men worked on a beet farm in the area.

letter to editor ottawas timidity.jpg
Letter to the editor of The Vancouver Sun in which the author raises concerns about Ottawa's failure to act fast enough to respond to the perceived threat posed by Japanese Canadians. The author refers to the 20,000 (of 25,000) Japanese Canadians…

This resource is a chapter from The Politics of Racism by Ann Gomer Sunahara. It discusses the response of the governments of Canada and British Columbia to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and Hong Kong and the political movement toward the decision to…

"The Japanese Canadian history web site is a companion to resource books developed with a Networks Grant from the Ministry of Education on the internment of Japanese Canadians from 1942 to 1949 and the attainment of redress in 1988. “Internment and…

photo japanese internment being moved.jpg
Photograph depicting the relocation of Japanese-Canadians to internment camps, 1942
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