What do "Canadians" look like?


What do "Canadians" look like?


Canada, law, identity, culture


Hannah Lazare
Dr. Theresa Miedema, ed.


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Collection Items

Ishaq v. Canada, 2015 FC 156
&quot;No to Niqabs and Burkas&quot;
Supreme Court of Canada decision in R. v. NS (2012)
Twitter Responses to xenophobic posters plastered at the University of Alberta
Screen shot of a xenophobic poster found on the University of Alberta&#039;s campus
Cover of Maclean&#039;s Magazine: &quot;Veils: Who are We to Judge?&quot;
Lt. Commander Wafa Dabbagh: the first Canadian Armed Forces officer to wear the hijab
Postcard: RCMP Police
Ukrainian women cutting logs, Athabasca, Alberta

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