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What do "Canadians" look like?


What do "Canadians" look like?


Canada, law, identity, culture


Hannah Lazare
Dr. Theresa Miedema, ed.


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Ishaq v. Canada, 2015 FC 156
A link to the 2015 decision of the Federal Court of Canada which held that a Sunni Muslim woman could wear a niqab when she took the oath of Canadian citizenship at a public ceremony.

&quot;No to Niqabs and Burkas&quot;
A still image that became an Internet meme passed around among those who opposed the wearing of niqabs and burkas in public.

Supreme Court of Canada decision in R. v. NS (2012)
Supreme Court of Canada decision in a criminal law case. NS was the complainant in a sexual assault. During the preliminary inquiry, NS sought to testify wearing a niqab. Defence counsel challenged her request on the argument that the right to a…

Twitter Responses to xenophobic posters plastered at the University of Alberta
Three screen shots capturing tweets posted in response to the plastering of xenophobic posters at the University of Alberta, including a tweet from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

A CBC news story reporting on xenophobic posters found on the campus of the University of Alberta. The posters targeted Sikh men in particular. The poster read: ""F---k your Turban ... If you're so obsessed with your third world culture go the…

This video depicts the 2014 Turban Up at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto, ON.

Screen shot of a xenophobic poster found on the University of Alberta&#039;s campus
This is a screenshot of a xenophobic poster about Sikhs found on the University of Alberta campus. It was posted by Laura Porter to the Overheard at the University of Alberta group. (FACEBOOK - LAURA PORTER)

In response to xenophobic posters found on the campus of the University of Alberta, students and visitors gather to learn about the turban and the Sikh faith and to try on a turban.

This story features Ginella Massa, Canada’s first news anchor to wear a Hijab.

Cover of Maclean&#039;s Magazine: &quot;Veils: Who are We to Judge?&quot;
This image captures the cover of Maclean's Magazine, which featured a cover story on Canadians and the wearing of veils, niqabs, and hijabs in Canada.

Lt. Commander Wafa Dabbagh: the first Canadian Armed Forces officer to wear the hijab
This photo depicts Lt. Commander Wafa Dabbagh, who is the first member of the Canadian Armed Forces to wear the Hijab in official uniform

CBC news story about Quebec's decision in 1994 to ban the wearing of the hijab in public schools.

This news story reports on legislation introduced by PM Justin Trudeau's government to extend legal and human rights protections to transgender people across Canada.

This video was produced by Tourism Toronto to promote the city, which typically bills itself as being diverse and tolerant. Tourism Toronto provides the following description: "The views are different in Toronto. A city where all flavours are…

Postcard: RCMP Police
A vintage postcard of a Mountie (RCMP officer)

Ukrainian women cutting logs, Athabasca, Alberta
This is a photograph of Ukrainian women cutting lumber in the Athabasca region, circa 1930.
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