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Dr. Joseph Stuart Scott

Scott was a medical student at the time of the creation of the ODA (Gullett, 1971). He graduated from Victoria Medical School and began practicing dentistry immediately afterwards (Gullett, 1971). Scott was the first recording secretary of the ODA (Shosenberg, 1992). He and another dentist, George Elliott, were in favour of opening a dental school soon after the Act was passed in 1868. However, other Board members, particularly Day, O’Donnell and Chittenden wanted to wait a few years to open a school of dentistry to recruit capable teachers, among other reasons (Shosenberg, 1992).

Although members of the Board were strongly opposed to the idea, a Canada College of Dentistry was opened in 1868 with Elliott as Dean, but was closed after a year (Shosenberg, 1992). This caused much divisiveness in the profession, and a second association was created the Ontario Society of Dentists (OSD), but was later amalgamated again in 1869 under the name Union Dental Association of Ontario, and later that year Ontario Dental Society (ODS).  


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Dr. Joseph Stuart Scott