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Digitized Fashion Plate Collections at other Institutions


When exploring digitized collections of fashion plates, it is important to investigate the source of the fashion plate. Is the original periodical where the plate appeared cited? Which issue is this plate from? Images of fashion plates are very common on the internet, but sites with proper citations as to where the images originated from are less common.

Below are collections of digitized periodicals in their entirety that feature fashion plates that are accessible to the public. 

Bunka Gakuen

Bunka Gakuen is a private university in Tokyo who specialized in fashion, art and design. Their digitized fashion plate collection is organized by year. It should be noted that it is not possible to directly link to specific item in this digital library. 


The Smithsonian Libraries have digitized some of their periodicals that feature fashion plates. Some of their holdings, like Gazette du Bon Ton and La Guirlande, are similar to the ROM's. 

The digitized collections below are fashion plates displayed apart from the periodical they originally appeared in. These academic library and special collections featured below cite the fashion plate source when available:

Digitized Fashion Plate Collections at other Institutions