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Paris fashions of the 1890s : a picture source book with 350 designs, including 24 in full color
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Authentic French fashions of the twenties : 413 costume designs from "L'art et la mode"
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Paris fashions of the 1890s : a picture source book with 350 designs, including 24 in full color


The following titles are contemporary reproductions of original works featuring fashion plates. In many cases, these titles also include introductions or essays that contextualize the original content, so could be utilized as secondary resources as well.

Stella Blum. Ackermann's costume plates : women's fashions in England, 1818-1828. New York : Dover Publications, c1978.

ROM call number: GT737 .A24 1978

Madeleine Ginsburg. Art deco costumes by George Barbier. London : Bracken Books, c1988.

ROM call number: Oversize NC980.5 .B37 A4 1988

Gordon Kerr. Art deco fashion masterpieces. London : Flame Tree Publishing, 2012

ROM call number: GT596 .K46 2012

JoAnne Olian. Authentic French fashions of the twenties : 413 costume designs from "L'art et la mode." New York : Dover Publications, 1990.

ROM call number: GT880 .A87 1990

Anne Buck. Benjamin Read's splendid views : six topographical prints showing winter & summer fashions : taken from the hand-coloured aquatints, 1829-1839. London : Guildhall Library : Costume Society, 1984.

ROM call number: Xfolios GT737 .R42

Frances Grimble. Bustle fashions 1885-1887: 41 patterns with fashion plates and suggestions for adaptation. San Francisco, Calif.: Lavolta Press, 2010.

ROM call number: TT520 .B88 2010

Mme Cornil. Cent ans de modes françaises (1800-1900) : documents de XIXe siècle commentés et interprétés au goût du jour. Paris : R. Ducher, c1932-.

ROM call number: GT871 .C6 t.1 (1932)

Frances Grimble. Directoire revival fashions 1888-1889 : 57 patterns with fashion plates and suggestions for adaptation.San Francisco, Calif. : Lavolta Press, 2010

ROM call number: TT520 .D57 2010

Aileen Ribeiro. Dress in eighteenth-century Europe, 1715-1789. New Haven : Yale University Press, c2002. [Rev. ed.]

ROM call number: GT720 .R53 1984

Stella Blum. Eighteenth-century French fashion plates in full color : 64 engravings from the "Galerie des modes," 1778-1787. New York : Dover Publications, 1982.

ROM call number: GT860 .E34 1982

Charles H. Gibbs-Smith. The fashionable lady in the 19th century. London : Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1960.

ROM call number: GT595 .G53 ROMU

Cristina Nuzzi. Fashion in Paris : from the "Journal des dames et des modes", 1912-1913. London : Thames and Hudson, c1979.

ROM call number: GT887 .M6213 1979
-Reproduces image from Journal des dames et des modes


Fashion and the art of pochoir : the golden age of illustration in Paris. April Calahan & Cassidy Zachary.New York : Thames & Hudson, 2015.

ROM call number: TT509 .C34 2015

Fashions and fashion plates, 1800-1900. by James Laver. London ; New York : Penguin Books, 1943.

ROM call number: Pamphlets GT737 .L38 1943

Fashion prints in the age of Louis XIV: interpreting the art of elegance. edited by Kathryn Norberg and Sandra L. Rosenbaum.Lubbock, TX : Texas Tech University Press, c2014.

ROM call number: GT857 .F37 2014

Fourrures--portraits--miniatures.édité par Leroy & Schmid.Paris : Leroy & Schmid, [1912?]

ROM call number: Rare Book N8217 .F8 F68 1912

French fashion plates in full color from the Gazette du bon ton (1912-1925) : 58 illustrations of styles by Paul Poiret, Worth, Paquin, and others /as rendered by Georges Lepape, George Barbier et al. New York : Dover Publications, 1979.

ROM call number: GT880 .F73 1979

From the Ballets russes to Vogue : the art of Georges Lepape /Claude Lepape, Thierry Defert ; [translated from the French by Jane Brenton]. Georges Lepape, ou, L'élégance illustrée. English New York, NY : Vendome Press : Distributed by Viking Press, c1984.

ROM call number:  Rare Oversize  NC980.5 .L4 G413 1984

Gallery of fashion, 1790-1822 : from plates by Heideloff and Ackermann with an introduction by Sacheverell Sitwell ; notes on the plates by Doris Langley Moore. London : B.T. Batsford, 1949.

ROM call number: GT589 .S57 1949

Hand coloured fashion plates, 1770 to 1899. by Vyvyan Holland. London : B.T. Batsford, 1955.

ROM call number: GT595 .H63 1955

The illustrations of George Barbier in full color. edited by François Meyer and Frederica T. Harlow. New York : Dover Publications, c1977.

ROM call number: Rare Books NC980.5 .B37 A46 1977

Incroyables et merveilleuses. Paris, 1810-1818 /[dessins par] Horace Vernet ; texte par Roger-Armand Weigert.

ROM call number:  Rare Oversize GT887 .V47 1955
Modes et manières d'aujourd'hui : quando l'illustrazione di moda diventa grande arte.
Santo Alligo ; introduzione di Giuliano Ercoli ; traduzioni di Maria Luisa Contarin Lo Bue.
ROM call number: NC246 .A685 2011
-Note: The text is in Italian but it reproduces 84 colored plates stencil of the seven volumes published from 1912 to 1922 and featuring Georges Lepape, Charles Martin, George Barbier, André Marty, Robert Bonfils, Fernand Simeon.

Parisian fashion = Pariser mode = La mode parisienne : la Gazette du bon ton, 1912‐1925. Paris: Bibliothèque de l'image.c2000.

ROM call number: TT506 .W45 2000

Paris fashions of the 1890s: a picture source book with 350 designs, including 24 in full color edited by Stella Blum. New York : Dover, 1984.

ROM call number:GT887 .P27 1984
-Note: Features 350 fashion plates from The Young Ladies Journal.

The wonderful world of ladies' fashion, 1850-1920  edited by Joseph J. Schroeder, Jr. ; associate editor, Barbara C. Cohen. Chicago : Follett Pub. Co., c1971.

ROM call number: GT595 .W66 1971