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Photo: New feminists abortion caravan. Jac Holland, Toronto Telegram, York Space Institutional Repository,
1970 05 07, 1974-0222/134. 

This exhibit traces the legislative history of reproductive rights in Canada from 1892 to the end of the 20th century. The story of changing laws and mores relating to contraception, abortion, sexual and reproductive health education, and involuntary sterilization is told from a uniquely Canadian perspective using government reports, transcripts of parliamentary debates, hearings, bills and statutes, zines, posters and pamphlets, and documentary film, all from the University of Toronto Libraries’ collections. Although intended to showcase government information from the Government Publications collection in Robarts Library, other libraries generously loaned materials also featured in the exhibition, including:

  • Robarts Library stacks
  • Women’s Education Resource Collection (WERC), OISE Library
  • Media Commons, Robarts Library, 3rd floor
  • Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
  • Bora Laskin Law Library
  • University of Toronto at Scarborough Library