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Further Reading

Abortion and Contraception

Abortion politics in the United States and Canada : Studies in public opinion
edited by Marthe A. Chandler and Ted G. Jelen, 1994.
Canada's first birth control clinic: The birth control society of Hamilton, 1931-1940
by Catherine Annau, 1992.
Choice, interrupted: Travel and inequality of access to abortion services since the 1960s
by Christabelle Sethna, Beth Palmer, Katrina Ackerman, and Nancy Janovicek, 2013.
Clandestine operations : The Vancouver Women`s Caucus, the abortion caravan, and the RCMP
by Christabelle Sethna and Steve Hewitt, 2009.
For the public good : a history of the birth control clinic and the Planned Parenthood Society of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
by Thomas Melville Bailey, 1974.
"He is still unwanted" : Women's assertions of authority over abortion in letters to the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada
by Shannon Stettner, 2012.
Left popular politics in Canadian feminist abortion organizing, 1982-1991
by Lorna Weir, 1994.
Responsible parenthood : Decriminalizing contraception in Canada
by Brenda Margaret Appleby, 1999.
The bedroom and the state : the changing practices and politics of contraception and abortion in Canada, 1880-1980
by Angus McLaren and Arlene Tigar McLaren, 1997.
The politics of abortion
by Janine Brodie, Shelley A.M. Gavigan, and Jane Jenson, 1992. 

Eugenics and Coerced Sterilization

An act of genocide: Eugenics, Indian policy, and the sterilization of Aboriginal women in Canada
by Karen Stote, 2012.
Eugenics in Ontario: Reconsidering Catholicism, the culture of government, and postwar eugenics in the Canadian historiography
by Sean Patrick Springer, 2012.
Facing eugenics : reproduction, sterilization, and the politics of choice
by Erika Dyck, 2013
From the case files: Reconstructing a history of involuntary sterilisation
by Deborah C. Park and John P. Radford, 1998.
Living archives on eugenics in western Canada
by Community University Research Alliance.
More than just boots! The eugenic and commercial concerns behind A. R. Kaufman's birth controlling activities
by Linda Revie, 2006.
Sterilization in Alberta, 1928 to 1972: gender matters
by Jana Grekul, 2008.
Sterilizing the “Feeble-minded”: Eugenics in Alberta, Canada, 1929–1972
by Jana Grekul, Arvey Krahn, and Dave Odynak, 2004.
The creation of a haven for ‘human thoroughbreds’: The sterilization of the feeble‐minded and the mentally ill in British Columbia
by Angus McLaren, 1986.
The future of the race : a series of radio addresses, sponsored by the Eugenics Society of Canada, 1937.


The resources used in this exhibit were from a variety of University of Toronto libraries. We would like to thank the following libraries for their contributions:

  • Government Publications, Robarts Library, 4th floor
  • Robarts Library stacks
  • Women’s Education Resource Collection (WERC), OISE Library
  • Media Commons, Robarts Library, 3rd floor
  • Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library
  • Bora Laskin Law Library
  • University of Toronto at Scarborough Library
Further Reading