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21-0028_Union Yes_White Background.png
An enamel pin with the text: "UNION YES" followed by a check mark. The union logo in the 'O' is an older United Steelworkers (USW) logo. Engraved on the back is the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union logo.

21-0026_Support CUEW_White Background.png
A red and white button with black text. Three-quarters of the button is made up of an image of a ringed notebook. The text reads: "SUPPORT cuew". Along the bottom edge: "Canadian Union of Educational Workers". In the fold, the text reads: "BOOTHE…

21-0027_Time for Change_Transparent (2).png
A white, speckled button with the text: "TIME FOR CHANGE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO - Fairness in Bargaining for Faculty and Librarians NOW".

21-0015_Polytechnique massacre_White Background.png
A black and white button with a red rose in the middle. The background is meant to resemble lace. Around the edge, the text reads: "In commemoration of the 14 women killed in Montréal, December 6, 1989 - En commémoration des 14 femmes assasinees a…

21-0024_Union of Unemployed Workers_White Background.png
A black and white button that has an illustration of people holding a sign that reads: "JOBS". Around the top edge, it reads: "UNION OF UNEMPLOYED WORKERS". There is an artist signature in the lower edge: "C.S. 83". There is an illegible union label…

21-0022_Ontario Can Work_White Background.png
An orange rectangular button that shows the USWA logo within the district number 6. The text next to the logo reads: ONTARIO CAN WORK". At the bottom there is an Allied Printing Trades Council union label, with the shop number 9.

21-0021_Students and Workers United_White Background.png
A button with a black background and a red exclamation in the middle. The text in white reads: "Students & Workers UNITED". Below that in smaller text: "Canadian Federation of Students". In the fold, it reads: "UNION MADE IN CANADA - RECYCLED PAPER".

21-0020_Peace is Union Business_White Background.png
A yellow button with a green gear shaped like the peace symbol. In red text it reads: "PEACE IS UNION BUSINESS". Below that in smaller text it reads: "TRADE UNIONISTS' PEACE COMMITTEE". The text in the fold says: "BAZAAR NOVELTY NIAGARA" with an…

21-0017_Peace and Jobs_White Background.png
A button with a white back ground and a red flag that has the reads: "1 May Mai". Along the edges, there the text reads: "UNITED MAY DAY COMMITTEE - PEACE & JOBS". At the bottom there is an Allied Printing Trades Council union label with shop number…

21-0019_Equal Pay for Equal Value_White Background.png
An orange and white button with the image of a scale. The text reads: "EQUAL PAY FOR WORK OF EQUAL VALUE". Below the text there is an illegible union label.
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