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Nasha pisnia cover.jpg
Cover of a book of Ukrainian songs published in Wetzlar, Germany, in 1916.

Syn Ukrainy cover.jpg
Cover of the novel Syn Ukrainy

dentistry anniv 1600x900 twitter.png
Banner to celebrate the Dentistry Library's anniversary

This is a poster created to commemorate the Dentistry Library's 125th Anniversary

Dentistry Library Regular Collection

Portrait of Alumni Harry R Abbott

21-0028_Union Yes_White Background.png
An enamel pin with the text: "UNION YES" followed by a check mark. The union logo in the 'O' is an older United Steelworkers (USW) logo. Engraved on the back is the Retail Wholesale and Department Store Union logo.

21-0026_Support CUEW_White Background.png
A red and white button with black text. Three-quarters of the button is made up of an image of a ringed notebook. The text reads: "SUPPORT cuew". Along the bottom edge: "Canadian Union of Educational Workers". In the fold, the text reads: "BOOTHE…

21-0027_Time for Change_Transparent (2).png
A white, speckled button with the text: "TIME FOR CHANGE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO - Fairness in Bargaining for Faculty and Librarians NOW".
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