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A monograph written by John Griffith, a Welsh-born Professor of Law who would eventually teach at York University during the mid-80s. The following monograph is detailed to have been a controversial published item that sparked outrage because of…

Photograph of the Canadiana Gallery

The Flavelle House was the first official home for the Centre of Criminology for a very short period of time until it was eventually housed at the buildings on 607-609 Spadina Avenue.



Photographs of employees using the office spaces at 607-609 Spadina Avenue. Photograph taken by Robert Lansdale likely around 1974.

Tightwire was a penal press publication, produced by the women inmates at Kingston Penitentiary Prison for Women (KP4W). The publications ran for several years and was published six times a year with the earliest known publication starting in Here,…

This research proposal was submitted to the Canada Council for approval sometime in the early 1970s. No date is listed in this submission. As Director of the Centre for Criminology, Professor Gordon Watson co-ordinated this study ofthe operation of…

The following documents include John Edwards' handwritten notes and published books of his research findings on the topics of Homicide and Murder in the Canadian context

Photograph showcases attendees and notable people. Information on the names of attendees can be found in the Centre for Criminology Archives Folder number #2:13.

This contract includes typed annotations from Professor Anthony Doob whom, as Director at the time of Ericson's research publication, was advised to keep an extensive copy of all correspondence and written contracts kept between the Centre for…

Newspaper clipping from The Sunday Sun, discussing Richard Ericson's published detective research on the Peel Regional police force. 

This study of an unnamed police force is broken down into three separate studies, focusing first on detectives, then the police, and finally judges.

Magazine article featuring Clifford Shearing's research study on the growth of private cops in Canada.

A book review featured in the University of Toronto's Bulletin Brief discussing Professor Ericson's recently published book titled "Making Crime".
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