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reproduced in A. Ball. From Drug Detei (Khar'kov), 1926, no. 224 (fig. 33); no 110 (fig.34) - Copy.jpg
The photographs are reproduced from Drug Detei [Children's Friend], no. 110 and 224 (1926)

confiscated japanese boats.jpg
The photo shows hundreds of fishing boats owned by Japanese-Canadians that were rounded up and seized, prior to being sold by the Custodian of Enemy Property.

Manifesto of the Second Communist International held in Petrograd and Moscow, July-August 1920.

Women of “The Battalion of Death.” Maria Bochkareva is in the uniform in front

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A publication summarizing the major activities of the Russian intelligentsia under the rule of Tsar Nicholas I, in Moscow and Saint Petersburg from the 1830's to the European Revolutions in 1848.

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An account of the Russian General Petr Nikolaevich Vrangel, who fought the Bolsheviks in Crimea and later evacuated to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.

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A collection of literary sketches from 1920, by Iura Shkrumeliak, a veteran of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen who after the revolution belonged to the grouping around the Ukrainian modernist journal titled 'Mytusa'.

A collection of nineteen songs in Ukrainian with a workers' theme including 'The Internationale', and 'La Marseillaise'.

This photograph shows women protesting the Canadian Criminal Code provisions concerning abortion outside of the House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada. These women were part of the Abortion Caravan, a feminist protest group founded in 1970 to protest the…


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Illustration by Václav Mašek in Alexandr Blok. Dvanáct: revoluční epos. Translated by Bohumil Matesius

An academic publication about Ukrainian historiography.

Cast & Crew SN 8T5.jpg
Group photo of Skule Nite 1985 cast, crew and band


Bi and Bi part 1 Z1-1963-1-5-4-1-eng.pdf
This report is Book Four of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism. It focuses on the contributions of other ethnic groups to the Canadian confederation. The terms of reference of this Commission included the direction to consider…
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