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Koloskova p. 71 - Copy.jpg

NYT 10 Nov 1917_Page_1.jpg
Special to The New York Times

chinese labourers .jpg
This photograph depicts Chinese labourers working on the Canadian Pacific Railway mile sections of the Canadian Pacific Railway from the Pacific to Craigellachie in the Eagle Pass in British Columbia.

'Women at Noon' lunchtime lecture, 1975.jpg
A black and white photograph of women seated in an auditorium. The lectures were open to the public and attended weekly by over 500 people.

‘P.B.I.’ was written and produced by Harold Scudamore of Trinity College and the U of T Veterans Association.

first offensive cartoon.jpg
The is a cartoon that was published in the Canadian Illustrated News in 1870. This cartoon depicts a Chinese man stealing the boot of a white man.  The Chinese man is being beaten by Uncle Sam and two other white men. This provides a concrete…

Newspaper clipping mentions the Ford Foundation's $835,000 fund, allocated towards various Canadian and U.S research training to improve crime prevention, $150,000 of which was granted to the Centre of Criminology.

1980 article auto workers.jpg
This newspaper article reports on one of the most significant jobs losses in Canadian history, where a majority of auto-industry workers lost their jobs as a result of a financial crisis stemming from the United States.

From the CBC Digital Archives, online: French and English should be the two languages of government from airports to federal courts, recommends the commission studying bilingualism. The…

Globe and mail article re roncarelli.jpg
This is a newspaper article published in the Globe and Mail. The article reports on Roncarelli's successful lawsuit against Premier Duplessis.

A Personal Appeal From Prof L.E. Jones.png

page 2 librarian bulletin.pdf

Literaturno-instruktorskii poezd im. V. I . Lenina # 1. Vagon Sovetskii kinematograf s rospisyu neizvestnogo hudozhnika. Photograph, 1919..jpg
Agitprop theater

Newspaper clipping is one of the coverages against the closed and tight-security environment for the upcoming "National Conference on the Prevention of Crime". The article discusses the right to know what is discussed at these conferences, especially…

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Pamphlet for the 20th anniversary of women being admitted into Hart House. "Beyond the Heavy Door" April 1st, 1993 at Hart House Theatre.

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backgrounder on mc 2009-20-e.pdf
This document is a background paper on Canadian multiculturalism. It outlines the sociology of multiculturalism in Canada, as well as the legal and policy dimensions of multiculturalism.
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