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21-0015_Polytechnique massacre_White Background.png
A black and white button with a red rose in the middle. The background is meant to resemble lace. Around the edge, the text reads: "In commemoration of the 14 women killed in Montréal, December 6, 1989 - En commémoration des 14 femmes assasinees a…

21-0019_Equal Pay for Equal Value_White Background.png
An orange and white button with the image of a scale. The text reads: "EQUAL PAY FOR WORK OF EQUAL VALUE". Below the text there is an illegible union label.

21-0029_Change_White Background.png
A white button with black text and a red rose. The text in the middle reads: "Change Changement". The text along the top edge reads: "International Women's Day. March 8, 1991 - La Journée internationale des femmes. le 8 mars 1991. Next to the rose…

21-0004_Women in Trades_White Background.png
A dark blue pinback button with the phrase: "WOMEN IN TRADES" at the top. In the middle, there is the gender symbol for women with a fist holding a wrench.

21-0003_Women in Trades_White Background.png
A blue pinback button with the phrase: "WOMEN IN TRADES" at the top. In the middle, there is the gender symbol for women shaped like a screw.

21-0002_A Woman's Place is in the Struggle_White Background.png
A light blue pinback button with the phrase "a woman's place is in the struggle" in the middle, encircled by illustrated figures of women holding hands. Encircling the figures are the words: 'CUPW International Women's Day - March 8th'. In the…

21-0006_I've cut into Eaton's_White Background.png
A rectangular button that shows a cut-up Eaton's account card with the phrase: "I've cut into Eaton's". Has Allied Printing Trades Council union label, which indicates that it is union-made. There is the number '9' next to this label that represents…

This short and fun quiz will tell you which great Canadian woman you are!

This photograph shows women protesting the Canadian Criminal Code provisions concerning abortion outside of the House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada. These women were part of the Abortion Caravan, a feminist protest group founded in 1970 to protest the…

This is a dramatic presentation that provides a brief historical background to Emily Murphy and the Persons case in Canada.
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