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1980 article equal pay.jpg
This newspaper article reports on debates surrounding pay equity, as Ontario considered enacting equal pay legislation. This article highlights some of political issues related to employment that existed at the same time that foreign workers were…

1980 article auto workers.jpg
This newspaper article reports on one of the most significant jobs losses in Canadian history, where a majority of auto-industry workers lost their jobs as a result of a financial crisis stemming from the United States.

importing labour for jobs we wont do.jpg
This newspaper article expresses concern about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), which was initiated in 1973. This article illustrates how concern had shifted from bringing high skilled workers to bringing in low skilled workers to…

ontario needs workers g and m.jpg
This file contains a record of a newspaper article published in the Globe and Mail in 1964. The author expresses concern that the immigration policy at the time was not sufficient to meet the demand for workers in the province of Ontario. This…
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