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University of Toronto Libraries at 125

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Hugh Hornby Langton (1862-1953)
Hugh Hornby Langton sitting at his desk circa 1910.

University of Toronto at Scarborough / Scarborough College Library
Librarian John Ball and staff at the circulation desk of the new V. W. Bladen Library during the library’s official opening on 15 March 1982.

Alice Moulton (1911–2012)
Alice Moulton with her maternal grandparents at her graduation from the University of Toronto in 1933.

Acquisition of one-millionth item
Article celebrating the acquisition of the one-millionth item in the Central Library of the University in 1962. The millionth item, a French royal patent dated 1563, was presented by the Varsity Fund, through the generosity of the Alumni of the…

Telegram informing Frederick Banting and J. J. R. Macleod that they have won the Nobel Prize for the year 1923
The University of Toronto Libraries Discovery of Insulin collection is inscribed in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register.

Richard Landon (1942–2011)
Richard Landon speaking at the tenth anniversary of the Friends of the Fisher in November 1994.

David G. Esplin
Esplin was Assistant Librarian for Book Selection from 1966-1969 and Associate Librarian for Book Selection and Acquisition, 1969-1982.
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