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Harper Government Issues Full Apology For Chinese Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act


Harper Government Issues Full Apology For Chinese Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act


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This video features Prime Minister Harper's apology for the Chinese Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act in Canadian Parliament


Government of Canada


Senator Victor Oh




June 22, 2006


Canadian Parliament


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Harper Government Issues Full Apology For Chinese Head Tax and Chinese Exclusion Act

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0:00Mr Speaker I rise today to formally turn the page on an unfortunate . and
0:06candidates path . during which a group of people people who only thought to
0:12build a better life were repeatedly and deliberately singled out for unjust
0:17I speak of course of the head tax that was imposed on chinese immigrants to
0:21this country as well as the other restrictive measures to follow
0:25look at the dock and comments all should be the setup of the queue day started so
0:31far they have is the drive is Shin Hwa Yong comments they are a dvo media to
0:38DWTS almost exclusively young men these chinese immigrants made the difficult
0:44decision to leave their families behind in order to pursue opportunities in the
0:49country halfway around the world they called gold Mountain beginning in 1881
0:55over 15,000 of these Chinese five years became involved in the most important
1:01nation building enterprise in Canadian history the construction of the canadian
1:05pacific railway for the shores of the st. Lawrence across the seemingly
1:09endless endless expanses of shield and prairie climbing the majestic Rockies
1:14and cutting through the rugged terrain of British Columbia this
1:17transcontinental links with the ribbon of steel that down our fledgling country
1:22it was an engineering feat that was instrumental to the settlement of the
1:26West and the subsequent development of the Canadian economy and one for which
1:31the back-breaking toil of Chinese laborers was largely responsible
1:36the conditions under which these men worked were at best harsh and at times
1:43tragically some 1,000 Chinese laborers died during the building of the CPR but
1:51in spite of it all these chinese immigrants persevered and in doing so
1:55helps to ensure the future of this country but from the moment the railway
2:01was complete
2:03turn it back on these men beginning with the chinese immigration activists you
2:09need five and head back to fifty dollars was imposed on Chinese newcomers in an
2:15attempt to determine bration not content with the taxes affect the government
2:21subsequently raised the amounts of one hundred dollars in nineteen hundred and
2:24then to five hundred dollars in 1903 the equivalent of two years wages this tax
2:32remain in place until 19 23 when the government amended the chinese
2:37immigration act and effectively banned most chinese immigrants until nineteen
2:42forty-seven similar legislation existed in the dominion of newfoundland which
2:47also oppose the head tax between 1906 in 1949 with Newfoundland join
2:52Confederation the Government of Canada recognizes the stigma and exclusion
2:58experienced by the Chinese as a result we acknowledge the high cost of the head
3:04tax meant that many many family members were left behind in China never to be
3:09reunited for the families with the part and it's so in some cases in extreme
3:14poverty for years
3:16we also recognize that our failure to truly our failure to truly acknowledge
3:23these historical injustice has prevented many in the community from seeing
3:28themselves as Polly connait pas de quoi stay calm
3:31two places on loan to the account of danice's for them on to Canada you're
3:37putting us on today's excuse confident
3:40ok and again the mechana jams on a pinch in laws for that accidentally a new song
3:45profound am on disability
3:47the next use on these even on PSP therefore mr. speaker
3:52once again on behalf of the people and government of canada
3:56we offer a full apology to chinese Canadians for the heads tasks and
4:02express our deepest sorrow for the subsequent
4:04solution a chinese immigrants god I didn't
4:49mr. speaker this apology is not about liabilities day it is no reconciliation
4:56with those who enjoyed such hardship and the broader chinese-canadian community
5:01one that continues to make such an invaluable contribution to this great
5:05country and well Canadian parts of rules that the head tax and immigration
5:09prohibition illegally authorizes time we fully accept the more responsibility to
5:15acknowledge the sample policies of our path for over six decades is race based
5:22financial measures in solely at the Chinese were implemented with
5:27deliberation by the canadian state
5:29this is a grave injustice and one we are more of morally obligated to acknowledge
5:35to give some standard meaning to today's apology
5:38the Government of Canada will offer some olive payments the living head taxpayers
5:43and living spouses of the sea space
5:45in addition we will establish funds to help finance community projects and
5:51acknowledging the impasse the passport I'm measures and immigration restriction
5:55and the head time on the Chinese Canadian community and on other ethnic
6:00cultural community
6:01Oh can pay off our debt from two days old
6:08look at that company there are telepaths e-news are some calcium to swap the
6:16purple can again use able
6:19it probably 20 rates of white house is late father please get off
6:24you said phosphate and even though the head tax a product of a profoundly
6:30different time life are in our path we feel compelled to write this historic
6:36wrong for the simple reason that it is the decent thing to do a characteristic
6:42to be found at the core of the Canadian soul
6:45mr. speaker in closing let me assure the house is this government will
6:50continually strive to ensure that similar unjust practices are never
6:54allowed to have
6:55game we have the collective responsibility two days to build a
6:59country based firmly on the notion of equality of opportunity regardless of
7:04one's race arrested work
7:06RDX or sorrow over the races erase actions of our past will nurture and
7:12unwavering commitment to build a better life for all tourney
7:16now people who

Published on Jun 22, 2016




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