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The University has changed a lot over the past few decades. Women’s presence, leadership, and voice were often excluded on campus in the past. Today women make up more than half of the students and almost half of the faculty at the University. 

Women struggling against the barriers present on campus made their voices heard. Women protested against the system that excluded them, leading to positive change. Despite the progress made towards lessening the discrimination on campus, issues still remain. 

Women were treated poorly. Their perspectives were excluded from the courses they took, their work was not valued the same as men, they were not allowed in buildings, and were passed over for promotion and tenure. Without the efforts of groups of women and their men allies, substantial change would not have happened.

What Does Equity Mean to You?

During our interviews, we asked all of the women what gender equality meant to them. We received a wide variety of answers.





When you visit the University of Toronto today, think about the stories you have heard in this exhibition. What these women have said shows how far we have to come, and how far we still have to go. Reflect on the barriers women had to overcome and how this impacted and shaped what the campus looks like today.

Use your voice. Be a changemaker. 

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