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Lawrence Hill

The papers of Canadian author Lawrence Hill can be found at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, which is also housed at Robarts Library. Hill is the author of The Book of Negroes, The Illegal, and non-fiction books Blood: the Stuff of Life and Dear Sir, I intend to Burn your Book: An Anatomy of a Book Burning. The collection consists of extensive manuscripts, research materials, correspondence, photographs, family histories and other materials related to Hill’s life and work.

Explore his collection at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.


(Photo by Ken Jones)

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Conquering Lion Pictures at TIFF

Archival materials related to Conquering Lion Pictures, including the films Rude (1995), Love Come Down (2000), and Lie With Me (2005), can also be found at the Toronto International Film Festival Library. 

Explore the collection at the TIFF Film Reference Library.

SC_0022_Conquering Lion Pictures Archive.jpg

(Rude poster from TIFF Film Reference Library)

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