Task Forces and Advisory Committees

Ontario Task Force on Strict Discipline  

“I would be most interested in meeting with you to discuss what the Centre of
Criminology Library could do for you to assist you in the work of the task force.
We have the most significant library collection in the subject area in Canada, we
have access to an international network and electronic sources, and we have the
staff expertise to assist you in your work”  
E-mail from librarian Cathy Mathews to the Ontario Task Force on Strict Discipline 
22 November 1995: 

Head librarian Cathy Mathews gathered publications and other research material for the Ontario Task Force on Strict Discipline in the late 1990s. Cathy Mathews also made a bibliography with a variety of sources for the task force, gathered a variety of articles on boot camps, and used email correspondence to communicate new ideas. Her effort demonstrates the amount of resources and connections the Centre for Criminology library has in Canada and its impact on various research projects.  

Information Review and Gap Analysis of the Public Policing Sector 


Cover Page. "Information Review and Gap Analysis of the Public Policing Sector in Canada", a report created by the Centre of Criminology.

“Research on the public policing sector
as a whole in Canada has been relatively
sparse and inconsistent, and this
situation has deteriorated with cutbacks
[...]published research is replete with
gaps” (pg. 105).  

The Centre for Criminology at the University of Toronto was commissioned by Human Resources Development Canada to conduct an information review and gap analysis for police in Canada. This includes police chiefs, detectives, police cadets, and by-law enforcement officers. The Centre of Criminology was commissioned to do this analysis because of the lack of distinction between “public” and “private” policing in the late 1990s and how to approach the best mechanism of modern policing. The Centre gathered statistics, analyzed the policing sector across Canada, and provided a lengthy bibliography. This is just another example of the contributions the Centre for Criminology library has made to criminological research across Canada.