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This image shows King John signing the Magna Carta in 1215. The Magna Carta is considered to be the first declaration in Western history to impose the rule of law.

kettling lossy-page1-1280px-Toronto_G20_Protests.tif.jpg
This photograph captures police using "kettling", a controversial crowd control technique that involves boxing people into an intersection and slowing moving inward so that people are crowded tightly together. Photographer Jonas Naimark provides this…

G20 RIOTS SAT 26 JUNE 2010 - Burning police cruiser at the intersection of Bay and King Streets in the heart of Toronto's Financial District

This image features a collection of quotes that are presented in the shape of a maple leaf, with red borders, as a way to replicate to Canadian flag. The quotes all pertain to key Canadian legal values.

This photo captures officers of the North-West Mounted Police at Fort Macleod, circa 1886.

This notice appeared as an advertisement in Halifax in 1873. In the advertisement, the government of Canada sought twenty young men for service in the North West Mounted Police. The men were required to be of good character, single, between the…

From the CBC Digital Archives, online:"Maurice Richard's temper is as fiery as his nickname, and the Rocket is no stranger to the penalty box. The francophone star is frequently at odds with the man…

This photograph captures peaceful protesters demanding an inquiry into the G20 arrests and policing tactics.

This is the broadcast of PM Pierre Trudeau public statement on the enactment of the War Measures Act during the October Crisis, 1970.
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