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Case 3: Literary Adaptations

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Item 1

Yi Mu-yŏng (1908-1960).Yi Mu-yŏng Munhak Chŏnjip. Ed. by Ku SangSŏul-si: Kukhak Charyowŏn, 2000.

The Korean short story entitled Crime and Punishment (in volume 4 of these works) is set in the 1950s and focuses upon the Dostoevskian theme of sin and retribution within the context of secular versus religious responsibility. The story’s central character, a Catholic priest named Father Pak, faces a dilemma when his wayward brother Ch’an-jae is arrested for, and eventually confesses to, the murder of a powerful politician. Soon afterwards a parishioner, Paoro, presents himself to Father Pak and admits to the murder under the Seal of Confession. He promises to turn himself into the police, but flees the next day. Father Pak is thus presented with the difficult question of whether he should save his brother and bring justice to the murdered politician, or maintain the holy sacrament of penance and leave the punishment of the crime to divine retribution. He enters a troubled dream sequence in which he witnesses his brother being sentenced to death, but wakes up to discover Paoro has finally confessed.

Yi Mu-yŏng, a prolific Korean writer, was the author of around 140 novels and short stories, and was known especially as a writer of peasant literature. He studied literature under the great Japanese scholar and poet Shuson Kato (b. Takeo Kato), who introduced him to translations of Dostoevsky and Lev Tolstoy

Item 2

Ivan Bunin (1870-1953). “Petlistye ushi”, in Polnoe sobranie sochinenii v XIII tomakh. Ed. by G. B. Priakhin and I. Zhukov. Moscow: Voskresene, 2005.


Item 3

Yoel Rapoport (1916-?). Rasḳolniḳov hayah ṭipesh: sipurim. Tel-Aviv: Yaron Golan, 1996


Item 4

Tome Bogdanovski (1938-). Ekot na vekot. Skopje: Makedonika litera, 2012.

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Item 5

Clarice Lispector (1920-1977). A Paixão Segundo G. H.. Ed. by Benedito Nunes. Nanterre: ALLCA, 1996.


Item 6

J. M. le Clézio (1940-). Le Procès-Verbal. Paris: Gallimard, 1963.


Item 7

Robert Sikoryak. Crime and Punishment, in Masterpiece Comics. Montreal: Drawn and Quarterly, 2009.

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Item 8

Kako. Crime and Punishment, in The Graphic Canon, v. 2. Ed. by Russ Kick. New York: Seven Stories Press, 2012.

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Item 9

F. M. Dostoevsky (1821-81). Crime and Punishment. Trans. by Gao Huiyun. Xianggang: Ya yuan chu ban she, 1990.

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Item 10

Boris Akunin (1956- ). F. M. Moscow: Izdatelstvo AST, 2015.

Case 3: Literary Adaptations