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About Our Collaborators

The Exhibit Design Team

Read more about the individuals who planned, designed, and created this exhibit.

Claire Latosinsky

Claire Latosinsky is a Jackman Humanities Institute Undergraduate Fellow in her fourth year, pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Voice with a major in English at the University of Toronto. She was the Co-director of Events at the Faculty of Music Anti-Racism Alliance during the 2020-2021 academic year. She is currently an assistant at the University of Toronto's Centre for Community Partnerships and a University of Toronto President’s Scholar of Excellence.

Elizabeth Robinson

Elizabeth Robinson is a second-year Master of Information candidate in Archives and Records Management at the University of Toronto Faculty of Information. She is currently the Toronto Academic Libraries intern (TALint) at the University of Toronto Music Library, a member-at-large for the University of Toronto student chapter of the ACA, and a managing editor for the Faculty of Information’s student publication, the iJournal. Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Arts in History, Classics, and English Literature from Concordia University (2018), and is now researching the intersection of feminist and decolonial theories in archival practices, with specific reference to digital archiving techniques.

Hillary Chu

Hillary Chu is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Music Education at the University of Toronto, specializing in piano. She is currently Co-director of Events at the Faculty of Music Anti-Racism Alliance, and is passionate about creating opportunities that open the door to new collaborations and that creatively inform/share messages surrounding issues of BIPOC equity and racism while still being fun and engaging to everybody in the community.

Rebecca Shaw

Rebecca Shaw is the Music Archivist at the University of Toronto Music Library. Before moving to Toronto, she completed her Master of Library and Information Studies (2018) and Master of Arts in Musicology (2019) at Dalhousie University, where she also worked at the University Archives and as a research and teaching assistant for the Fountain School of Performing Arts. In her spare time, she pursues her research interests in digital humanities and medieval chant manuscripts as co-applicant on the SSHRC-funded Digital Analysis of Chant Transmission (DACT) project and as project director of the Differentiae Database.

Rosemonde Desjardins

Rosemonde Desjardins is a fourth-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Music in Voice at the University of Toronto. She is currently the Student Outreach Director of the Faculty of Music Anti-Racism Alliance. Being raised by immigrant parents has inspired Rosemonde to become an advocate for representation in the music field.

Special Thanks to:

Ricci Ebron; David Fallis; Ely Lyonblum; Janneka Guise; Lori Dolloff; Daniela Ansovini; Margaret Wall; Aamer Esmail, Jodie Glean, and the Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office (UTL); and Stephane Martin Demers and the executive of FoMARA, for their contributions to this project.

And finally:

Many thanks to all of our interviewees, who took time out of their schedules to participate in this exhibit project and share their stories with us.

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About Our Collaborators