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Beverley McKiver

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Beverley McKiver, capture taken from an interview with Elizabeth Robinson.


Beverley McKiver is a music teacher, composer, accompanist, and performer based in Ottawa, Ontario. After a career as a business analyst, Beverley decided to pursue her love of music and her compositions have since been performed at Native Earth Performing Arts, Jumblies Theatre, and Soundstreams. Her most recent work is a suite of piano solos representing the provincial and territorial emblems, which she composed as a result of a Digital Originals grant from the Canada Council.

To read more about Beverley, go to her website.

In this Interview

Adoption, Economic Disparity, Education, Identity, Imposter Syndrome, Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Music Pedagogy, Racism, Systemic Discrimination, Violence towards Indigenous Communities

Trigger Warnings:

This interview includes discussion of Residential Schools.


On November 6, 2020, Beverley McKiver participated in an interview with Elizabeth Robinson (TALint student at the Music Library).

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Beverley McKiver