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Ricardo Ferro

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Ricardo Ferro, capture taken from an interview with Rosemonde Desjardins.


Ricardo Ferro is a Venezuelan-Canadian Toronto-based composer and multi-instrumentalist. As an accomplished emerging composer, Ricardo has written music for and worked with numerous North American ensembles and individuals including the Calidore String Quartet, Orchestra Breva, Younggun Kim, Oakville Youth Symphony Orchestra, and Concreamus Chamber Choir. He has additionally written award-winning music for film and theatre for the Sundeis Film Festival in Boston and the National Theatre School Festival in Canada. He has twice been invited to premiere works in the Toronto Arts & Letters Club’s Annual Concert Series. As a pianist, Ricardo has won several competitions across Ontario. Ricardo has additionally performed with several renowned conductors and ensembles across Ontario, including Colin Clarke, David Fallis, Sandra Horst, Uri Mayer, Mark Ramsay, Macmillan Singers, The Victoria Scholars, University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Oakville Symphony Youth Orchestra, and University of Toronto Opera division. Dedicated to the performance of new music, Ricardo has premiered and recorded numerous works by emerging artists in Toronto. In 2019, he co-founded Green Room Sound Collective, a contemporary music organization dedicated to the creation and performance of new dramatic and multimedia works of music, where he currently acts as artistic director. Ricardo is committed to the field of music education. He frequently works in partnership with Sistema Toronto teaching composition, and works for the University of Toronto Faculty of Music History and Theory Department as an undergraduate history teaching assistant and researcher. Ricardo is currently pursuing a degree in composition at the University of Toronto, where he studies composition under Norbert Palej and piano under Younggun Kim.

In this Interview

Access to Information, Black Lives Matter, Elitism, Eurocentrism, Gender Disparity, Identity, Imposter Syndrome, Inclusion, Multiculturalism, Music Pedagogy, Political Violence, Representation, White Passing


On November 1, 2020, Ricardo Ferro participated in an interview with Rosemonde Desjardins (member of the Faculty of Music Anti-Racism Alliance).

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Ricardo Ferro