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And finally the rules... With some minor variations, they are remarkably similar (although not always effective). Can you spot the differences through the years?

The object of the race is for each course (Civil, Electrical, Canadian etc.) to guide its vehicle through one circuit of Front Campus. As a consolation, those who finish first and miss all of the fun with the J.P. Pots Memorial Toph-high. The chariot must pass inspection at both start and finish lines. It must have two wheels which rotate, and must contain a driver (read masochistic sucker), who must have a pulse greater than 1 per minute (although he needn't be breathing). Ate pullers in infinite blockers are allowed.  S.P.S. Handbook 1971-2


Intro 1972

Rules 1978_9.png

Rules 1978

Rules 1992.png

Rules 1992

Rules 2000.png

Rules 2000